Excessive Make-Ups: The Girl U Saw Might Not Be Real

August 23, 2011

Hello ladies! Oh, and hey guys!

Who's here really good with make-ups? Most girls, yes. Guys? I've a few friends who can named the tools, techniques and brands. Yes, tak salah pun. It's still general knowledge. But, no I don't want my guy to know about make-ups too much. It's weird dude! ;p

Speaking for myself, I'm not an expert about make-ups. I casually but rarely wear any except those eye liner and liquid foundation. I suck most at applying eye shadow. I don't know why. Maybe simply because I don't know how. Hehe. So masa kawen nanti memang I takkan pakai make-up sendiri kena orang make-up kan. Haha! Not that I hate anything about make-ups. It's just I have sensitive, well VERY sensitive skin. So, I don't want to risk anything here.

One more thing, is about my style to be minimalist at everything. Well, especially when it comes to style and my appearances. Not that, I hate style la pulak kan. I love shopping, definitely! But just for the basics. And make ups are not my priority ;p Shoes and handbag probably. Haha!

"Make-up isn't beauty"


Well, carefully guys. Hihi. That cutie might not be a real girl ;p

The best make-up is your smile.
Wear it often.

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