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July 03, 2011

Hello guys! I've been missing almost a month, with just 1 update on June. Hehe. But, still there are some readers who dropped by and also there is a new follower. Thanks! =)

What am I up to these days? Oh, I won't talk about my work. I found people who talk about work all the time is boring, so I don't want to bored u guys. Plus, entri ni is the starting point where I'll be more active in blogging again! So, let's talk about fun stuffs! Haha

I'm being rude right? *ehem, clearing throat*

How's your life people? I'll drop by to each one of your blog after I'm done with this post.

Yesterday, I went to see my sister who's currently posting at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), UKM kampus Tanjung Karang. She'll be there for 3 more weeks before coming back to HUKM, Cheras. Yeah, it's her birthday and she's there. So, instead of making her come back, we're the ones who went there. Plus, I've never been there, so why not? A weekend away from Klang would be nice sometimes. Hehe ;)

Her place.

Ish.. patut amek dari depan. Silap plak. Hahah!

Ok! Baru nampak muka.
Happy 21st birthday to u, green stripes shirt girl!
Once u get back to Klang, kita gi Cotton On shopping ok?
*my excuse again to go shoping*

Everyone is talking about Transformers right? I've watched it during weekdays. To avoid being dissapointed in case tickets sold out during weekend. It's okay but I like the first 2 movies more. Well, let's see how Harry Potter will do next, shall we? ;)

Note: No matter how many friends you have, family still my first priority. Something I wouldn't compromise.

"Family...Always comes first" - Click (2008)

Happy weekend guys, tomorrow comes the working day!

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