Off Popper's & Potter's

July 17, 2011


It seemed I become lazier each day to update the blog. Tapi nak biar macam tu je tak best. So, update jela. Just wondering, if there is still anyone who reads my blog? Oh, thanks if u still do :)

Last weekend I watched Mr Popper's Penguin.
Rating: 8.5/10

Oh, well in case u're wondering if the penguins in this movie talk or not, well don't worry. It is not the kind of movie that make u said "wth.. animals can't talk!" Yes, penguins in this movie DON'T talk with Jim Carrey ;p

A good movie with family values! Plus, seriously funny. Well, Jim Carrey is the main actor. What do u expect? :))

The second movie I've watched is Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) on the 1st day the movie is in cinema! Well again, 1 piece of advice, movies like this or possible-sold-out movies are better to be watched during the weekdays. Agree?

The good people!

Of course, the bad ones!

Well, this time HP is not boring at all. Among the best! But again, if u don't follow what's been happening from the previous movies, u might be lost. I've read all the books so I understand the "magical" terms. Seriously, I think I'll ace HP's exams. If there's any ;p

At least it's not disappointing as Transformers! Well, achieved my expectations. And don't compare with the books. Books of course provided more details ;)

What else? Hurm, tak nak la cerita ape ending. Nanti korang cakap spoilt mood yang mane belum tengok kan? hehe

*Some secrets are left unsaid,
And some heroes are not revealed
until towards the end*


Reminder: To those who read the books, this is solved riddle for u :)

Till next update
Take care, people!

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