Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just A Little Courtesy Please, People

I came across all sort of people every day. But to find one single person that possess manners / carry around courtesy is hard. The things u think is simple actually can help u to be more courteous.

#1 Say "thank you"
And this implies to everyone that already helped u. By everyone means it is just not only for your friends. To strangers too. If u really shy (in any case, u should not be, just nod and smile). Ni tak, orang dah tolong, u just walked away as if u're that good!

#2 Hold the door / lift
U know when u open the door to go out and some1 is behind u need to go out too? Yeah, just hold that door a few seconds so they can pass too. The most scene I've seen is people just slam the door right in front other people faces.

#3 Give others chance to use facilities.
This always happen when I'm in the surau after performing my prayers. When I want to wear my shawl, there will always be the same people in front of the mirror applying their make ups and playing with their hair etc. I can wait for my turn, but when u see other people want to use that mirror too, u should quickly done what u want to do. Ni buat punya la slow Well, applying those make ups can be done in the rest room. Just saying.

#4 Smile back
When people smile back at you. Just smile back. Even those who seemed stranger to u. Don't make that face. What face? That one that says do-I-know-u face.

#5 Queue up.
Come on people. U been thought about this since primary school. Do not cut queue. Yesterday, when I'm queuing up to withdraw money form the ATM, there's this one guy came from nowhere and cut queue. And yes, I did say something to him that made him turn around. Yeah, serves you right dude!

#6 Apologize
Say sorry when u made mistake and mean it. Do not let it be a repetitive pattern of your mistake.

Life is simple when people be more courteous =) Are u well mannered then? I am and still learn to be better.

Ramadhan is just around the corner.
Welcome, I'm eager to see you :)

p/s: Images are from Tumblr.
p/s/s: Well, stating where u got the images also one way to be more courteous.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Sunday People

Last weekend when I'm 'browsing' around Harbour Place Klang with my boyfriend, I spotted a new place where my family and I can eat. There is this Chinese Muslim Restaurant called Hj Sharin Low, if I'm not mistaken it is a branch restaurant.

The food varies. And it has seafood with chinese cooking style! Which I love of course ;))
And today, saje try makan kat sane. Makanan sedap, servis cepat plus tempat selesa with air conditioner. Well, to those smokers, there have tables outside too.

Ala, sorry guys, tak amek plak pic surroundings the restaurant mcm mane. Amek pic makanan je! Hehe.

1) Siakap stim Thai style
2) Ayam Halia
3) Sotong goreng tepung

4) Hotplate tauhu Jepun


So that is all about food!
What's next?

Once the empty stomach filled with those above, we went inside to the Excess Book Fair, which lasted today. I went there last week and got my self a few books. Well, today, beli lagi. It offers really low prices and rugi kalau tak beli. Plus, those book are not second hand books. Brand new but priced at lowest RM ;))

To those book lovers, u can find all the good books here.

.... classical mysteries,

.... chick flicks,

to the best-sellers.

And these are all for me!

Talk about being greedy! I know i know ;p

Off Popper's & Potter's


It seemed I become lazier each day to update the blog. Tapi nak biar macam tu je tak best. So, update jela. Just wondering, if there is still anyone who reads my blog? Oh, thanks if u still do :)

Last weekend I watched Mr Popper's Penguin.
Rating: 8.5/10

Oh, well in case u're wondering if the penguins in this movie talk or not, well don't worry. It is not the kind of movie that make u said "wth.. animals can't talk!" Yes, penguins in this movie DON'T talk with Jim Carrey ;p

A good movie with family values! Plus, seriously funny. Well, Jim Carrey is the main actor. What do u expect? :))

The second movie I've watched is Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) on the 1st day the movie is in cinema! Well again, 1 piece of advice, movies like this or possible-sold-out movies are better to be watched during the weekdays. Agree?

The good people!

Of course, the bad ones!

Well, this time HP is not boring at all. Among the best! But again, if u don't follow what's been happening from the previous movies, u might be lost. I've read all the books so I understand the "magical" terms. Seriously, I think I'll ace HP's exams. If there's any ;p

At least it's not disappointing as Transformers! Well, achieved my expectations. And don't compare with the books. Books of course provided more details ;)

What else? Hurm, tak nak la cerita ape ending. Nanti korang cakap spoilt mood yang mane belum tengok kan? hehe

*Some secrets are left unsaid,
And some heroes are not revealed
until towards the end*


Reminder: To those who read the books, this is solved riddle for u :)

Till next update
Take care, people!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello people!


#1 Harry Potter
#2 Food
#3 Friends
#4 You ;)
# Stuffs

Lots of things to update.
Well, tomorrow, I promise you guys.
Need the bed right now. Hehe

Oh, something for u guys :

p/s: HP 7 is great! Yeah, better than Transformers.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Recent Update

Hello guys! I've been missing almost a month, with just 1 update on June. Hehe. But, still there are some readers who dropped by and also there is a new follower. Thanks! =)

What am I up to these days? Oh, I won't talk about my work. I found people who talk about work all the time is boring, so I don't want to bored u guys. Plus, entri ni is the starting point where I'll be more active in blogging again! So, let's talk about fun stuffs! Haha

I'm being rude right? *ehem, clearing throat*

How's your life people? I'll drop by to each one of your blog after I'm done with this post.

Yesterday, I went to see my sister who's currently posting at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), UKM kampus Tanjung Karang. She'll be there for 3 more weeks before coming back to HUKM, Cheras. Yeah, it's her birthday and she's there. So, instead of making her come back, we're the ones who went there. Plus, I've never been there, so why not? A weekend away from Klang would be nice sometimes. Hehe ;)

Her place.

Ish.. patut amek dari depan. Silap plak. Hahah!

Ok! Baru nampak muka.
Happy 21st birthday to u, green stripes shirt girl!
Once u get back to Klang, kita gi Cotton On shopping ok?
*my excuse again to go shoping*

Everyone is talking about Transformers right? I've watched it during weekdays. To avoid being dissapointed in case tickets sold out during weekend. It's okay but I like the first 2 movies more. Well, let's see how Harry Potter will do next, shall we? ;)

Note: No matter how many friends you have, family still my first priority. Something I wouldn't compromise.

"Family...Always comes first" - Click (2008)

Happy weekend guys, tomorrow comes the working day!