June 05, 2011

Hello guys! This is the longest hiatus I've been for my blogging activity ;p Sorry been busy but guess what, long hiatus produced lots of story to share;p New movies, new foods, new stuffs, new people, new work =)

Oh, by the way, I've changed my blog's look so that I can be have more enthusiasm to update. Kalau lah rajin kan. Haha! Ok, where do we start? Which 1 do u guys eager to read first? Tell me tell me! Yeah, as if ;p

This week, I went to the cinema twice for; a)Kungfu Panda 2 b)X-men: First Class. Ok, Kungfu Panda best but I like X-men. Well, to make a comparison, it seemed not fair since both are from two different genres. One thing, I want to highlight is, I don't like people who keep on stand up here and now in the cinema. Orang nak tengok citer la wei, and you're blocking the view to many times! Whatever it is, these movies are worth the money spent ;))

#2 X10

Yup.. I've bought it.. last 3 weeks maybe. Nak update tapi malas time tu.. hehe. What I like about the phone, it never crash or force close any application. I like using the FxCamera application. I love the TimeScape feature. I don't like when my phone cannot change its fonts ;p Or maybe I don't know yet how. Haha!

#3 Works
I've transferred to another department. This time I work in Transfer Pricing & Investigation department. Most of my days, I do benchmarking, preparing the Fact Sheets which based on financial statements and also some investigations (tax audits) works. And this time, I enjoy my internship. It is so much better than doing personal tax! Sorry, no offense personal tax agents ;) And yeah, I always need a calculator and numerical keypad!

#New people

I've got new friends from other universities, which usually a fun thing when you've met the same type of person as u are =) Well, some are okay, some are not. 3/4 of them complained non-stop and only 1/4 just go with the flow. Well, it's the world, and people are all sorts. Hello, reality! =)


Thanks to you this week is perfect =)
Yes you, the one with white watch! Hehe.

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