How To Lose Your 1 Month Allowance in One Day

May 12, 2011

Hey guys! Almost Friday..Friday..Friday (style Rebecca Black..haha!) Yeay =))

Remember my post about my newest crush? There's one post full of Vivaz Pro's pictures. Yeah..that was before I changed my mind. But now, I prefer X10. My friends keep asking me to change my phone to Blackberry. Sorry girls, tak minat sangat la BB. Hehe! Iphone best but tak cukup budget, nak shopping lagi kan. Muahaha!

I prefer white!

But only black ones left at that shop. White is currently out of stock. Takpelah, skin doesn't matter ;) Same je kan..hehe

Ok, I'm about to lose one month allowance.
After this, I must appreciate money more than before.
Penat cari duit kan, and this time is all using my own hard earned $$$ to buy this.

Alright, belum weekend lagi, so I gotta go. Nak rest, esok keje.
I'll make a review after it is mine.
Nite readers! :)

Image: Pak Cik Google

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