Food Review: Hoagies, Sooka Sentral, KL

May 15, 2011

Happy Sunday guys! =)

Well, for those who follow my blog, they know that I'm currently work at PwC. But today, I don't want to share anything about my experiences there as an intern. I just want to share with u guys the place I usually go during my lunch time with my friends. Maybe twice a week I'll go there.

Okay, if u happened to pass by near the area, one good place that I recommend to you for a place to eat is Hoagies at Sooka Sentral. It's the building opposite KL Sentral, in case you're wondering where is this place exactly. Most of the food are okay and come with reasonable prices. I know reasonable prices are relative definition for everyone. So, let's just say, reasonable prices for KL area. How's that sound? =)

Let's get started with the food!

#1 Buttermilk Rice

This one is my favorite. It is RM 8.90. The dish = plain rice, papadom, cucumber, sliced fried chicken with butter sauce on top of it. It is suitable for people that missed their breakfast, I mean to those yang lapar sangat la kan. The buttermilk would melt in your mouth and it is delicious. This one is also best for those who don't eat spicy food. And for the drinks, I'll suggest you to drink Lemonade or Honey Lemon. It'll cut down the fat :)

#2 Portuguese Pasta

It is priced at RM 11.90. Normal spaghetti with sliced chicken and Portuguese-styled sauce. The sauce taste a bit spicy and sweet. For those who don't want to eat rice and yet hungry, this one is for you. Oh yeah, if you eat this one, the drink that suits the dish would be juices, and one of the best juices there is Watermelon Lychee Blended. It tastes like real fruits! =)

#3 Black Pepper Chop

Basically a normal black pepper chicken chop. The price is RM 13.90. It comes with potato salad (I love it!) and also with chopped veggies. I don't know about you, but this one I'll eat when I don't have much time and I'm rushing to go to clients' places. The reason is because it's the fastest food you can munch. Haha!

But, some of my friends had tried the sandwiches and they say it's not that good. So, if any of you guys had ever tried that one before, can u please share with me how's it tastes? I don't want to risk my taste buds. Hehehe.

Note: All prices are subjected to service charges.

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