FB Status Update: People Personalities

May 04, 2011

Heya people! =))

Again.. a long silence and suddenly there's an update. Dear readers and followers, you have to get used with this until 29th August, ok? hehe.

I just had this idea just now, about people's walls (on facebook) and their personalities. May I remind you, this is just my opinion, not a theory. Peace! ;)

Words are sharper than swords
It does reflect yourself

#1 Full with games
They might be boring so FB is used for one of their entertainment. Or maybe, they just love games, naturally. These people, they are the kind of person that appreciates fun, happy go lucky and creative. Oh, I'm not a FB games addict ;p

#2 Full with other people's comments
Every day, there must at least be 1 or 2 posts by others (exclude the spams). A few of your traits are such as popular, friendly, easy going. Basically, people like YOU! :)

#3 Updated status - by the account user
  • every hour - they love to communicate; news, gossips and other updates. they used FB to get all the updates or be the source of updates. Either 1 will do :)
  • once a day - you're the ordinary user. Not to obsess updating every single thing you do on FB and yet you're still an updated person. A balance one!
  • a few days once - you're a busy person. So, you only check your FB once in a while.. or you're lazy to think of a status to update. Haha!
  • once in a blue moon - you shouldn't be on FB. Why? You don't fully utilized it ;p
#4 Full with new pictures or albums
Oh, you're the camera lover person! You like to capture moment and appreciate every passing moment of your live. You're a nostalgic and thoughtful person =)

#5 Full with dirty-cursing words
You should be banned on FB! Well, these people, when I see those updated status, I just viewed you as a person who don't have manners.

Be careful of what you say,
Because it will be heard,
Be careful of your words,
As sometimes they are not erasable.

p/s: I am #3 (bullet 3) Haha!

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