Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fascinating 4

The story starts 4 years ago,
But the feelings are still the same,
We're lucky to have each other,
We'll always have
a tomorrow together for the coming years.

They don't know how long it takes
waiting for a love like this - Lucky, Jason Mraz

You are worth waiting for.
Happy 4th anniversary, sayang
I love u :)

The pictures are from 2007 until recent.
Take a guess, which 1 is which ;p

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Review: Hoagies, Sooka Sentral, KL

Happy Sunday guys! =)

Well, for those who follow my blog, they know that I'm currently work at PwC. But today, I don't want to share anything about my experiences there as an intern. I just want to share with u guys the place I usually go during my lunch time with my friends. Maybe twice a week I'll go there.

Okay, if u happened to pass by near the area, one good place that I recommend to you for a place to eat is Hoagies at Sooka Sentral. It's the building opposite KL Sentral, in case you're wondering where is this place exactly. Most of the food are okay and come with reasonable prices. I know reasonable prices are relative definition for everyone. So, let's just say, reasonable prices for KL area. How's that sound? =)

Let's get started with the food!

#1 Buttermilk Rice

This one is my favorite. It is RM 8.90. The dish = plain rice, papadom, cucumber, sliced fried chicken with butter sauce on top of it. It is suitable for people that missed their breakfast, I mean to those yang lapar sangat la kan. The buttermilk would melt in your mouth and it is delicious. This one is also best for those who don't eat spicy food. And for the drinks, I'll suggest you to drink Lemonade or Honey Lemon. It'll cut down the fat :)

#2 Portuguese Pasta

It is priced at RM 11.90. Normal spaghetti with sliced chicken and Portuguese-styled sauce. The sauce taste a bit spicy and sweet. For those who don't want to eat rice and yet hungry, this one is for you. Oh yeah, if you eat this one, the drink that suits the dish would be juices, and one of the best juices there is Watermelon Lychee Blended. It tastes like real fruits! =)

#3 Black Pepper Chop

Basically a normal black pepper chicken chop. The price is RM 13.90. It comes with potato salad (I love it!) and also with chopped veggies. I don't know about you, but this one I'll eat when I don't have much time and I'm rushing to go to clients' places. The reason is because it's the fastest food you can munch. Haha!

But, some of my friends had tried the sandwiches and they say it's not that good. So, if any of you guys had ever tried that one before, can u please share with me how's it tastes? I don't want to risk my taste buds. Hehehe.

Note: All prices are subjected to service charges.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How To Lose Your 1 Month Allowance in One Day

Hey guys! Almost Friday..Friday..Friday (style Rebecca Black..haha!) Yeay =))

Remember my post about my newest crush? There's one post full of Vivaz Pro's pictures. Yeah..that was before I changed my mind. But now, I prefer X10. My friends keep asking me to change my phone to Blackberry. Sorry girls, tak minat sangat la BB. Hehe! Iphone best but tak cukup budget, nak shopping lagi kan. Muahaha!

I prefer white!

But only black ones left at that shop. White is currently out of stock. Takpelah, skin doesn't matter ;) Same je kan..hehe

Ok, I'm about to lose one month allowance.
After this, I must appreciate money more than before.
Penat cari duit kan, and this time is all using my own hard earned $$$ to buy this.

Alright, belum weekend lagi, so I gotta go. Nak rest, esok keje.
I'll make a review after it is mine.
Nite readers! :)

Image: Pak Cik Google

Monday, May 09, 2011

Of Kimono Dolls & Mother's Day

People started wishing their mothers on facebook. twitter and blog yesterday. But on Saturday night my family did the celebration for my mom. So, saje buat BBQ kat rumah instead of celebrate outside. Actually, this kinda activity is quite usual for my family if everyone is around =) So we decided why not? Hehe

Most of the seafood and my dad would be the one who put the food on the grill and everything. Owner blog ade jaga grill tu but since picture is not appropriate to be posted here, so tak payah la kan. Haha!

Oh! Grape salad! Mixture of salad, celery, Japanese cucumber, paprika, grapes, tomatoes and thousand island! I simply put everything inside and turned out delicious =)

Oh, by the way, here is what we (me and my sister) got for our mom for Mother's Day. Present tak mahal but cute! Hehe.

Kimono Dolls. That's what we called them. So, to our mom, put them in your office and you'll always remember that cute dolls are from your cute(hahaha!) daughters.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

FB Status Update: People Personalities

Heya people! =))

Again.. a long silence and suddenly there's an update. Dear readers and followers, you have to get used with this until 29th August, ok? hehe.

I just had this idea just now, about people's walls (on facebook) and their personalities. May I remind you, this is just my opinion, not a theory. Peace! ;)

Words are sharper than swords
It does reflect yourself

#1 Full with games
They might be boring so FB is used for one of their entertainment. Or maybe, they just love games, naturally. These people, they are the kind of person that appreciates fun, happy go lucky and creative. Oh, I'm not a FB games addict ;p

#2 Full with other people's comments
Every day, there must at least be 1 or 2 posts by others (exclude the spams). A few of your traits are such as popular, friendly, easy going. Basically, people like YOU! :)

#3 Updated status - by the account user
  • every hour - they love to communicate; news, gossips and other updates. they used FB to get all the updates or be the source of updates. Either 1 will do :)
  • once a day - you're the ordinary user. Not to obsess updating every single thing you do on FB and yet you're still an updated person. A balance one!
  • a few days once - you're a busy person. So, you only check your FB once in a while.. or you're lazy to think of a status to update. Haha!
  • once in a blue moon - you shouldn't be on FB. Why? You don't fully utilized it ;p
#4 Full with new pictures or albums
Oh, you're the camera lover person! You like to capture moment and appreciate every passing moment of your live. You're a nostalgic and thoughtful person =)

#5 Full with dirty-cursing words
You should be banned on FB! Well, these people, when I see those updated status, I just viewed you as a person who don't have manners.

Be careful of what you say,
Because it will be heard,
Be careful of your words,
As sometimes they are not erasable.

p/s: I am #3 (bullet 3) Haha!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Perfect Getaway

♥ Family ♥ Experimenting local foods ♥ Great stay place
♥ Unplanned activities ♥ More walking less sitting

I'm away from home for 4 days for my vacation with the family.
Well, to my dad's hometown actually.
At least, it helped me to relax for work tomorrow.
Oh yeah, April already gone.
Bonjour, "Transfer Pricing & Investigation"
See you tomorrow =)