Work Lesson #1 : The Real Attitude of Working People

April 21, 2011

Working people are weird. At least, that's what I think. Tengok la points kat bawah ni. It makes me think whether corporate world is the place for me.

It's already 2 months since the 1st day I started my internship. But, apart from learning all the necessary stuffs, I learnt extra about... how to say it in a decent way.. hurm.. behavior of your colleagues.

#1 The "Yes Boss-all the time" type

This group of people is large in number. It's not wrong if your boss is right. But to agree in something which cannot be accepted by your values, that cannot be accepted. I think, the reason why is either; 1) they want to get a quick promotions, you know to make it easier climbing the ladder of company or 2) too scared to speak up.

The good side: You'll get what u want. Sooner or later, time will determine.
The bad side: People think you're not a very strong character. You don't have confident to speak your own mind.

#2 The bossy type

Usually this group of people, is not the real boss. They are most probably just started working about 1 to 5 years. And if they are interns there, their "bossiness" would be even more obvious.
I think, they're practicing to be a boss one day. Well, who knows? Haha!

#3 The "I'm hot stuff" type

Yang ini pun ade gak okay! And surprisingly the people in this category are ladies who are in their late 30s and 40s. Wth???!! I'm not talking about what clothes they wear to the office, it's up to them. But, the way they act.

E.g: While talking to a senior male boss, they will laugh "cheekily" (for me, it's a bit scary! haha) while the hands would be on the boss's arm. OMG! ptffff! Especially when you're a married woman.

#4 The gossip girls

They would be the one who spread the latest "news" through out the whole department. They are also the one who'd be getting the latest gossip first. A bit of gossip during lunch time, it is considerable. But, the whole 8 working hours?? Ish ish ish...

Seriously, do more works less gossips! Urghh!

BUT.. BUT... BUT.... BUT

Don't get me wrong. They are a few who are nice, humble, and smart! And to these people, I respect them. And my mentor is in this group. He is a nice old man. And next week will be my last week to help him. Takpe, nanti bagi die yang buat evaluation for my internship..Teehee! :D

p/s: I don't have any respect for #3 people.

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