Wishful Thinking

April 05, 2011

These days I rarely update during the weekdays. Well, since today I didn't go to work, here's my chance. I think I'll be updating on a regular basis again since not being able to blog would made me kinda in a bad mood, I'll figure I need to do what I enjoy back. Work doesn't count as my enjoyable thing to do. Haha!

See, food and novels like in the picture are among the things I enjoys besides blog. Another thing, is shopping ;D And of course music!
The boyfriend? He's not a thing to enjoy, he's the person I love.

Okay, back to the topic, the book in the picture is "Wishful Thinking". I bought it at a cheaper price since it was sold at clearance stock sale. And it is the final piece! :) It has 3 individuals' stories that came from different status, lifestyles and ages. The only common thing they shared is the train accident that involved all 3 of them. So far, I managed to read 2 out of 3 stories. But, I still want to make the review since it is worth my time reading it :)

The Review: Wishful Thinking

#1 Dara's story
She wished she is married to her only love & perfect guy, instead of her current husband, whom is described as good person but not her 1st love (apekah?? so not a good example, ish2). From her, what I learnt is that, life never about perfection but life should not also be just enough. Basically, it's about finding your happiness.

One question though, should she be wishing for a thing like that? My own say, she shouldn't since it's not fair to her partner and life isn't a fairytale, princess!

#2 Rosie's story
Her husband just passed away. She wished her children would be spending time with her regularly. Unfortunately, the other way around happened, which she thought her children have a good life. And when she found out not everything is good, her children made her life miserable. I hate her son so much in this book which made me want to skip to another story.. haha!

My say, don't make your folks miserable especially when they're not that young anymore. Don't you feel ashamed? You've all grown up but still depend on your folks. And that also serves as a reminder to me :)


Be careful for what u wish for. Sometimes it might not be the best for you. It is better to treasure what u have now, instead of be very greedy to get something which is sometimes would take away all the happiness you have.

p/s: HOP best! All I can remember is I laughed through out the movie! :D

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