My Own Version of Devil Wears Prada!

April 07, 2011

I have no feeling at all when it comes to works these past few weeks. I've got another 20 more weeks to go, which is a long way to go. Hurm :/ I like my old team, the Australian team. The current team is what I call the "bossy" team (If u read this bald dude, seriously, I don't care!)

Familiar with the movie called Devil Wears Prada? Semalam baru je ade ulangan kat TV2 kot..hehe. Anyway, my current senior at the office is like the Miranda from that movie. Except for one thing, this devil at the office is a guy. The usual thing he did:

#1 Ask me to re-do very unimportant stuff
"change the font, i don't like it", "scan this now", "change the schedule color, i think it's too bright"
Apekah?? Don't u have any work which is more important to review than fonts and colour?

#2 Sudden work when the clock hits 515 pm
So, I can't go back early. Like I want to stayback at the office. I'm okay to stay back as long as with the people I like to work with. Oh, not u jerk!

#3 Last minute job
The client wants everything done by Friday morning, Thursday evening, he'll drop the bomb at me. Or to be exact, on my desk. To pressure me is it? Haha, but I always finish everything within an hour. Padan muke kau.

#4 If everything already done, he suddenly decided to change a few words on the paper work which sometimes have been corrected according to what he previously wants.

#5 Attitude which said "I'm smarter than u, so just do what I say"
Well, hello! u don't know my education background ,okay. I can calculate faster than u do. I see that everyday. Pttff! U are the permanent staff, I get that. But it doesn't make u smarter than me. Enough said.

I know some of my friends currently doing even worse than myself. So to them, here is something for u guys:

Don't follow blindly what they ask u to do. I'm quite an outspoken person. I did raised out to the admin people why do I need to go out meeting client alone without the presence of my senior. And now, I don't need to do that since it is not an intern's responsibility. hahaha :)

Basically, know your rights. Make it very clear that interns are not there to be the extra people/cost-save people to do their work. We are there to learn how to do the work, not kerja macam org gila.

I sounded tough. My friends tell me that all the time. But, I almost cry today just because of this devil :(

p/s: Tak sabar nak masuk AU team balik!

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