Justin Bieber Haters or Fans: Ridiculous Billboard Ever

April 21, 2011

Hello everyone! =)

I'm on a high fever since yesterday. But hari ni je amek MC. Amek selalu nnt ape plak orang cakap. I've got 4 more months. Well, time fly pretty fast, I guess and I love it! Haha

Every day on my way to the office I saw this ridiculous billboard ever. Okay, before anyone especially Bieber's fanatic fan out there cursing or spamming my comment & shoutout box, may I remind you, to me it does not make sense.

Alright, just see the picture first eh?

Sorry for the bad pic. I snapped it with my phone camera. Kena cepat tuka hp ni *alasan* Haha

Ok, to those who understand the message of this billboard do tell me. Personally, I just see Bieber's hair wrapping the sim card. Which means what exactly?

Oh, by the way, Justin Bieber is not my cup of tea. And so does Rebecca Black. Ptffff!

p/s: Next update, the movie that made be less likely to stay being a fan of Anne Hathaway ;p

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