Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fashion Sense: That Weird Girl.

Hi guys! How r u doing?
Almost 2 weeks eh? hehe. Pity u, blog :)

I've got a lot of update but let's go one by one okay?

#1 Weird looking girl

One fine day, during the weekend, 2 weeks ago, I just relax on the bench outside my mum's facial place. You know, when you're the one who have to wait about almost 3 hours, u would feel bored. So, I took out my "Wishful Thinking" novel and at the same time eating mouthful of McD's chocolate sundae =D

Suddenly, I heard loud noise. Very annoying too. I glanced at them and saw couple of kids. At first I just ignored them. Then something caught my eyes.

They admiring the clothes? I guess =D Bising okay budak2 ni! but that's not what I was looking at. Do u notice anything weird with one of them? Look carefully :)

Now, let's zoom in....


Hurm.. for those who don't see anything weird, it is the girl with the pink hat (hat or whatever thing u call it), I don't know the name..haha! Well, she wear a shawl. On top of that pink shawl lays a pink hat/cap.

Okay, first I assumed they want to watch movie or just came out of the cinema. And the place maybe cold. So she wears it. 2nd assumption, she's planning to go to the snow place at I-city. But, it's 3 pm at this time :)

Not that I condemning her or anything, just it is too weird. Even for not-care-about-what-others-do person like me.

Oh, wearing shades in the shopping mall these days seemed not that weird anymore, huh? Well, this girl beats it with her "fashion sense" =D


Nava Kishnan said...

weird is fashion for some whereas it may not be for others.

Aiza Aidid said...

basically u just say difference in preferences? still when u dress out of ordinary it's called weird.