Different Version of Red Riding Hood

April 24, 2011

"Grandma what big eyes u have"
"So I can see better"
"Grandma what big ears u have"
"So I can hear what's coming"
"Grandma what big mouth u have"
"So I can eat you!"

That's the dialog between Red Riding Hood and the wolf that portrayed as her grandmother. The ones which can be found on children's book. Ala, time kecik dulu ade je cerita ni. Sape tak pernah baca boleh gi cari ;p I always confuse this story with another fairy tales, Goddilocks and 3 bears. Haha!

Okay2, back to the story. Semalam macam boring sangat duduk kat umah je, so tibe2 rasa nak tengok wayang. And since my sisters are all here, so I think boleh la kan. It's a last minute plan. Tapi Klang banyak je wayang, xde la susah pun. 10 minit boleh sampai. Haha!

Red Riding Hood 2011

It's about a girl named Valerie who lives in a village deep down in the forest. She likes to play in the jungle with her friend named Peter. When they grow up, they became a couple. But, Valerie is engaged to a guy named Henry through a family arrangement by her family. One day, after 20 years, there's an attack again by the wolf. It caused chaos and an outside priest had to be invited to the village to solve the problem.

Valerie became scared when she learnt she understood what the wolf say to her. When she stared at the wolf's eyes, she knew it is somebody that she knew that become the wolf. Whether it is her grandmother, her boyfriend, her fiancé, even her best friend..she cannot be sure. Okay, nak tahu tak sape yang jadi werewolf tu? It's someone which you do not expected! Tengok dulu la ek :D

Why it is different?

#1 More violent
Memang pun okay. If dalam buku budak2 mane ade la kan. Nanti dapat nightmare je kalau baca macam tu. Haha. There's a lot of blood and body parts cutting and stitching. Yiks! But not that nasty la kan. But still...

#2 The "love" scenes

You cannot find this scene in children version books. Can you? ;p

Oh yes! I forgot it's PG13 movie. By the way, it is so much better that the movie Love & Other Drugs. Nasib baik lah tak gi tengok kat wayang. If not, such a waste of my money. I've seen the uncut scenes and Anne Hathaway..erm.. not such a big fans of her now!

If someone asked me now, do u know the story of Red Riding Hood?
The answer would be, which version? I know both! :)

Images: Mr Google!

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