Sunday, April 24, 2011

Different Version of Red Riding Hood

"Grandma what big eyes u have"
"So I can see better"
"Grandma what big ears u have"
"So I can hear what's coming"
"Grandma what big mouth u have"
"So I can eat you!"

That's the dialog between Red Riding Hood and the wolf that portrayed as her grandmother. The ones which can be found on children's book. Ala, time kecik dulu ade je cerita ni. Sape tak pernah baca boleh gi cari ;p I always confuse this story with another fairy tales, Goddilocks and 3 bears. Haha!

Okay2, back to the story. Semalam macam boring sangat duduk kat umah je, so tibe2 rasa nak tengok wayang. And since my sisters are all here, so I think boleh la kan. It's a last minute plan. Tapi Klang banyak je wayang, xde la susah pun. 10 minit boleh sampai. Haha!

Red Riding Hood 2011

It's about a girl named Valerie who lives in a village deep down in the forest. She likes to play in the jungle with her friend named Peter. When they grow up, they became a couple. But, Valerie is engaged to a guy named Henry through a family arrangement by her family. One day, after 20 years, there's an attack again by the wolf. It caused chaos and an outside priest had to be invited to the village to solve the problem.

Valerie became scared when she learnt she understood what the wolf say to her. When she stared at the wolf's eyes, she knew it is somebody that she knew that become the wolf. Whether it is her grandmother, her boyfriend, her fiancé, even her best friend..she cannot be sure. Okay, nak tahu tak sape yang jadi werewolf tu? It's someone which you do not expected! Tengok dulu la ek :D

Why it is different?

#1 More violent
Memang pun okay. If dalam buku budak2 mane ade la kan. Nanti dapat nightmare je kalau baca macam tu. Haha. There's a lot of blood and body parts cutting and stitching. Yiks! But not that nasty la kan. But still...

#2 The "love" scenes

You cannot find this scene in children version books. Can you? ;p

Oh yes! I forgot it's PG13 movie. By the way, it is so much better that the movie Love & Other Drugs. Nasib baik lah tak gi tengok kat wayang. If not, such a waste of my money. I've seen the uncut scenes and Anne Hathaway..erm.. not such a big fans of her now!

If someone asked me now, do u know the story of Red Riding Hood?
The answer would be, which version? I know both! :)

Images: Mr Google!

Friday, April 22, 2011

How To Annoy Your Parents: The Consequences At Your Own Risk!

Hello again! =]

There's a post somewhere about how to annoy your roommates, right? So, I found another one similar to that but this one is to get your parents..well..ehem.. annoy with you ;p

The consequences of your action would depends on how old are you:

1) Kalau korang umur bawah 13 tahun, maybe la kan, korang kena rotan la buat benda2 macam ni.

2) Kalau between 14 to 19 years old, korang akan kena ceramah psychology la kot (aku penah kena dulu, since I'm not that good during that time..Haha). Sebab teenagers and rebellious actions are best friends. And your parents might think you want attention. Attention seeker betol la kan if that's true. Haha!

3) If you're 23 like me and do all these stuffs, you might be asked to move out from the house! Hahaha! Buat lagi kan perangai pelik2 dah tua2.. So, don't tell me I didn't warned you! ;D

Basically, it's a joke on Friday night! So, don't take the points seriously.

Happy weekends guys! ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Lesson #1 : The Real Attitude of Working People

Working people are weird. At least, that's what I think. Tengok la points kat bawah ni. It makes me think whether corporate world is the place for me.

It's already 2 months since the 1st day I started my internship. But, apart from learning all the necessary stuffs, I learnt extra about... how to say it in a decent way.. hurm.. behavior of your colleagues.

#1 The "Yes Boss-all the time" type

This group of people is large in number. It's not wrong if your boss is right. But to agree in something which cannot be accepted by your values, that cannot be accepted. I think, the reason why is either; 1) they want to get a quick promotions, you know to make it easier climbing the ladder of company or 2) too scared to speak up.

The good side: You'll get what u want. Sooner or later, time will determine.
The bad side: People think you're not a very strong character. You don't have confident to speak your own mind.

#2 The bossy type

Usually this group of people, is not the real boss. They are most probably just started working about 1 to 5 years. And if they are interns there, their "bossiness" would be even more obvious.
I think, they're practicing to be a boss one day. Well, who knows? Haha!

#3 The "I'm hot stuff" type

Yang ini pun ade gak okay! And surprisingly the people in this category are ladies who are in their late 30s and 40s. Wth???!! I'm not talking about what clothes they wear to the office, it's up to them. But, the way they act.

E.g: While talking to a senior male boss, they will laugh "cheekily" (for me, it's a bit scary! haha) while the hands would be on the boss's arm. OMG! ptffff! Especially when you're a married woman.

#4 The gossip girls

They would be the one who spread the latest "news" through out the whole department. They are also the one who'd be getting the latest gossip first. A bit of gossip during lunch time, it is considerable. But, the whole 8 working hours?? Ish ish ish...

Seriously, do more works less gossips! Urghh!

BUT.. BUT... BUT.... BUT

Don't get me wrong. They are a few who are nice, humble, and smart! And to these people, I respect them. And my mentor is in this group. He is a nice old man. And next week will be my last week to help him. Takpe, nanti bagi die yang buat evaluation for my internship..Teehee! :D

p/s: I don't have any respect for #3 people.

Justin Bieber Haters or Fans: Ridiculous Billboard Ever

Hello everyone! =)

I'm on a high fever since yesterday. But hari ni je amek MC. Amek selalu nnt ape plak orang cakap. I've got 4 more months. Well, time fly pretty fast, I guess and I love it! Haha

Every day on my way to the office I saw this ridiculous billboard ever. Okay, before anyone especially Bieber's fanatic fan out there cursing or spamming my comment & shoutout box, may I remind you, to me it does not make sense.

Alright, just see the picture first eh?

Sorry for the bad pic. I snapped it with my phone camera. Kena cepat tuka hp ni *alasan* Haha

Ok, to those who understand the message of this billboard do tell me. Personally, I just see Bieber's hair wrapping the sim card. Which means what exactly?

Oh, by the way, Justin Bieber is not my cup of tea. And so does Rebecca Black. Ptffff!

p/s: Next update, the movie that made be less likely to stay being a fan of Anne Hathaway ;p

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cruel Way To Say Goodbye

Hello people! Again, a week of silence then suddenly the mood to blog come again (^_^)

Simple thing to share first. Other updates later eh?

via tumblr

p/s: Too cruel even for the sake to make your partner learn to let u go :/

Thursday, April 07, 2011

My Own Version of Devil Wears Prada!

I have no feeling at all when it comes to works these past few weeks. I've got another 20 more weeks to go, which is a long way to go. Hurm :/ I like my old team, the Australian team. The current team is what I call the "bossy" team (If u read this bald dude, seriously, I don't care!)

Familiar with the movie called Devil Wears Prada? Semalam baru je ade ulangan kat TV2 kot..hehe. Anyway, my current senior at the office is like the Miranda from that movie. Except for one thing, this devil at the office is a guy. The usual thing he did:

#1 Ask me to re-do very unimportant stuff
"change the font, i don't like it", "scan this now", "change the schedule color, i think it's too bright"
Apekah?? Don't u have any work which is more important to review than fonts and colour?

#2 Sudden work when the clock hits 515 pm
So, I can't go back early. Like I want to stayback at the office. I'm okay to stay back as long as with the people I like to work with. Oh, not u jerk!

#3 Last minute job
The client wants everything done by Friday morning, Thursday evening, he'll drop the bomb at me. Or to be exact, on my desk. To pressure me is it? Haha, but I always finish everything within an hour. Padan muke kau.

#4 If everything already done, he suddenly decided to change a few words on the paper work which sometimes have been corrected according to what he previously wants.

#5 Attitude which said "I'm smarter than u, so just do what I say"
Well, hello! u don't know my education background ,okay. I can calculate faster than u do. I see that everyday. Pttff! U are the permanent staff, I get that. But it doesn't make u smarter than me. Enough said.

I know some of my friends currently doing even worse than myself. So to them, here is something for u guys:

Don't follow blindly what they ask u to do. I'm quite an outspoken person. I did raised out to the admin people why do I need to go out meeting client alone without the presence of my senior. And now, I don't need to do that since it is not an intern's responsibility. hahaha :)

Basically, know your rights. Make it very clear that interns are not there to be the extra people/cost-save people to do their work. We are there to learn how to do the work, not kerja macam org gila.

I sounded tough. My friends tell me that all the time. But, I almost cry today just because of this devil :(

p/s: Tak sabar nak masuk AU team balik!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wishful Thinking

These days I rarely update during the weekdays. Well, since today I didn't go to work, here's my chance. I think I'll be updating on a regular basis again since not being able to blog would made me kinda in a bad mood, I'll figure I need to do what I enjoy back. Work doesn't count as my enjoyable thing to do. Haha!

See, food and novels like in the picture are among the things I enjoys besides blog. Another thing, is shopping ;D And of course music!
The boyfriend? He's not a thing to enjoy, he's the person I love.

Okay, back to the topic, the book in the picture is "Wishful Thinking". I bought it at a cheaper price since it was sold at clearance stock sale. And it is the final piece! :) It has 3 individuals' stories that came from different status, lifestyles and ages. The only common thing they shared is the train accident that involved all 3 of them. So far, I managed to read 2 out of 3 stories. But, I still want to make the review since it is worth my time reading it :)

The Review: Wishful Thinking

#1 Dara's story
She wished she is married to her only love & perfect guy, instead of her current husband, whom is described as good person but not her 1st love (apekah?? so not a good example, ish2). From her, what I learnt is that, life never about perfection but life should not also be just enough. Basically, it's about finding your happiness.

One question though, should she be wishing for a thing like that? My own say, she shouldn't since it's not fair to her partner and life isn't a fairytale, princess!

#2 Rosie's story
Her husband just passed away. She wished her children would be spending time with her regularly. Unfortunately, the other way around happened, which she thought her children have a good life. And when she found out not everything is good, her children made her life miserable. I hate her son so much in this book which made me want to skip to another story.. haha!

My say, don't make your folks miserable especially when they're not that young anymore. Don't you feel ashamed? You've all grown up but still depend on your folks. And that also serves as a reminder to me :)


Be careful for what u wish for. Sometimes it might not be the best for you. It is better to treasure what u have now, instead of be very greedy to get something which is sometimes would take away all the happiness you have.

p/s: HOP best! All I can remember is I laughed through out the movie! :D

Monday, April 04, 2011

Of Something Cute & A Reminder

This is cute.
At least for me. Hehe
But our story is the best =)
It's a reminder that life is not all about
working hard & earn pocketful of money.
I want a pocketful of sunshine instead.

Tomorrow is Monday.
Means get up at 6 am & off to work.
All the same routine.
Just, let it be better & better =)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fashion Sense: That Weird Girl.

Hi guys! How r u doing?
Almost 2 weeks eh? hehe. Pity u, blog :)

I've got a lot of update but let's go one by one okay?

#1 Weird looking girl

One fine day, during the weekend, 2 weeks ago, I just relax on the bench outside my mum's facial place. You know, when you're the one who have to wait about almost 3 hours, u would feel bored. So, I took out my "Wishful Thinking" novel and at the same time eating mouthful of McD's chocolate sundae =D

Suddenly, I heard loud noise. Very annoying too. I glanced at them and saw couple of kids. At first I just ignored them. Then something caught my eyes.

They admiring the clothes? I guess =D Bising okay budak2 ni! but that's not what I was looking at. Do u notice anything weird with one of them? Look carefully :)

Now, let's zoom in....


Hurm.. for those who don't see anything weird, it is the girl with the pink hat (hat or whatever thing u call it), I don't know the name..haha! Well, she wear a shawl. On top of that pink shawl lays a pink hat/cap.

Okay, first I assumed they want to watch movie or just came out of the cinema. And the place maybe cold. So she wears it. 2nd assumption, she's planning to go to the snow place at I-city. But, it's 3 pm at this time :)

Not that I condemning her or anything, just it is too weird. Even for not-care-about-what-others-do person like me.

Oh, wearing shades in the shopping mall these days seemed not that weird anymore, huh? Well, this girl beats it with her "fashion sense" =D