Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too Many Updates To Share!

Hello guys!

I know recently, there are no more updates during the weekdays. Weekends only I have the time. When I got back home from work, I felt too tired to blog. Nak tekan on laptop pun tak larat! Hahaha XD. So now, I frequently updating my twitter instead.

But to those who always asking for my latest post, here it is =)

So, let's start one by one on what happened since my previous post. Oh, I mean before yesterday's post..hehe.

Yea, result MMU sangat la lambat kali ni. It came out on Friday. While working, my roommate texted me, " Aizaaaaa, result dah kua!... etc.." I was like, oh no! At that time, I cannot do my work already. Dah keje aku berlambak2.. Yela, dah hilang focus kan. Tried to logged on to MMU portal like hundreds time (ok tipu! tapi nak dekat 20 kali gak la), just some stupid error je yang kua!

Finally, I can accessed the portal. Click a few times here and there, and there is my result. I am very happy! =D My pointer? Tak payah la kan, nnt ade orang cakap berlagak. So, let's just say, I'll be collecting the my another DL certificate when I'm back at MMU later. Alhamdulillah.

Hurm.. sedih gile :( My favorite shoes in its worst condition. Tapak dah tercabut, kalau hujan air pun boleh masuk. I like that shoes since it is very comfy and ballerina shoes are my favorite. Heels are so not my type. So, girls who like to wear heels, can u tell me why u like it? No, I'm not gonna judge you or anything. I just wanna know =)

By the way, I found the replacement for my Mustard ballerina shoes. I like this new shoes, I mean the design. It looks sporty but at the same time pretty ;) I got it at a price of RM 49. So, this shoes saved me a lot actually since I can wear it for casual and the office. Yeay! Oh, don't worry ballerina, I always remember you XD

hey gorgeous! Haha

I am number four
Yes, only yesterday I had the chance to watch the movie. Well, if anyone want to treat me for another round, sure I'll take it! XD. Awesome and not the typical alien movies at all. Worth my money. Eh, silap, worth my BFF's money. Thanks for the treat besties. Hehe

More cute stuff for me!
I lost my old earphone. I broke my headphone. And my green speaker, I don't know sometimes got sound but most of the time no. So, I found a new one instead.

Cute huh? Hehe

Okay, let's stop about the things I love at the moment. Now, there are 2 things which I don't hate but I don't actually ♥.

Just 2 more photos okay? =)

1) Working life

Since these time around is the peak period for Malaysian Tax, I'm assigned to help the Malaysian team. The work loads these days. See the mounting files in the pictures? Yes, I had to prepare the tax returns. But actually I like it. I can see now where I can apply the things I learnt before. Well, I do not prepare all these manually. Guna software sudah. Haha! These files just for reference. Erm, that's all I can say XD

2) The panda eyes

The picture itself can tell you why. Lack of sleep of course.
August please come very fast please?

p/s: So not looking forward when Mondays come.


amal miau said...

baru praktikal ni put, lom lagi keje XD
tapi siyes, memang penat gila
minggu lepas, kite asyik balik lambat, sampai weekend pon kene datang siapkan keje. tu pon tak siap lagi. tengah stop buat jap pon ni T_T
heels? kite pakai sebab my dates are so tall XDDDDDD (oops, mane datang ramai date ni!?! XDDDDD)
tapi senang, nak kuar pakai yang tu, pegi keje pon pakai tu gak haha! jimat :p

Rozana Razali said...

so cute, i feel like eating it! =P

Aiza Aidid said...

amal: kan?? kte plg awl kua keje kul6.. abes bulan 4 br le relax cket since end of income tax period.. haih. amal pki heels? ni kne gosip ngn shah ni..hahahaha XD fuyoo.. dates tu.. cpt btaw ngn spe??!! hehe

Aiza Aidid said...

rozana: Kan?? comey je bnd tu XD

farah said...

oih comeeeeel gile la earphone tu

Aiza Aidid said...

farah: hahaha.. tu la psl.. rse syg nk gne msk dlm ear..kah2 XD