Time Nak Tido Kena La Buat Post Pasal Makanan! Hehe

March 06, 2011

Thai Fried Rice, Secret Recipe : As u can see, there are fried rice with 2 grilled shrimps. And of course ada sambal and those cucumbers and other veggies. I never knew SR has this dish. My favorite kind of food! I like spicy food. But I warned you even for spicy food lover like me can't take its level of spicy. Sangat pedas! Even you're in an air conditioned building ;p

Waffle with ice cream - Just a simple dessert for me when I am hungry! I like the waffle, since it is really crunchy. And the ice cream complement everything! XD Guess what? I eat this waffle after I ate the fried kuey teow in the pic below

All time favvy =))

Hah! Now u guys know how I have such a big appetite. No one believe I eat all of these. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I ate all of these in a day. Not at the same time. Muntah la aku kalau macam tu kan ;)

Actually this post is just a random post about food. It's been ages since I post anything about food. I think I posted this because I ate only McD fillet-o-fish for my dinner tonight. So, I kept thinking about the great food I had yesterday. Heavenly! Haha ;D

So, are you guys hungry? =))

p/s: Night readers. Jangan makan sekarang. Tak elok. Minum je air kosong kalau dah lapar sangat :)

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