Thursday, March 03, 2011

Now, That's Why Friday is the Most Exciting Day!

1st day - Induction day

The ice breaking, the briefing, the laptop's give-out and team segregation. This day is the most tiring. I felt asleep at 9 pm. Hello! I never sleep that early. Come on, we're young and not supposed to be that old. But hey, whatever, that day I don't have the energy for small talk with my sister before sleep. Haha!

Spot me? ;p

picture: PwCMalaysia

More girls than guys? Haha.. XD. That's because this intake of interns only from 1 university all of us are from MMU, both Malacca and Cyber campuses!

And yes, I don't drive to 1 Sentral. It's crazy jammed there in the morning and also evening. So, the best way is of course, public transport! Haha :D The food? Well, kat situ ade banyak tempat makan, kat Sooka Sentral (I warned you, there quite costly), Plaza Sentral, KL Sentral. Well, jalan siket gi la makan KFC/ kedai mamak kat Brickfields tu. Hehe. Kat ofis pun ade cafe, ni kalau dah malas sangat la kan! Haha XD

2nd day

So, the working day starts. I'm in International Assignment Services which representing the overseas clients/expatriates. I've been assigned on Australia Tax Team. So, basically my clients are from Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. I spent the whole day learning the tax law of Aussie. Sangat la pening kepale. Malaysia punya tax pun tak terer mane, ni nak wat negara lain plak kan. It's okay it's okay, the good thing is, this is advantage and experience for me. So, bring it on! Hihi

3rd day

Oh, I went to IRB this morning to do some work. That's confidential, I can't say more. Well, finally, I get out from the office to do field work. Yeay, baru la tak ngantuk. Suka je ko kan, tak payah study tax law tebal2 tu..haha!


Penat tuh dah tak sangat rasa la kot. Probably body already immune to the new waking up system of mine. I wake up at 6 am every morning. Eyh, seriously lah! Even I'm not a morning person. Sampai ofis gi pantri wat mocha kan XD Hehehe!

Yes, tomorrow is Friday. Now, I understand why working people is very excited when the Friday comes. Hihihi.

The people, the place, the environment is best! The pressure? we'll see how XD

So people, I'll update more on weekends. I promise u! -x0-

p/s: Ignore the "xo" please. Hahaha !


Hariq-Sha said...

selamat bekerjaaaaa!!

betol3!! after Ain buat internship last year, baru tau kenapa lah orang yang bekerja nih sangat menghargai Jumaat and weekends.

And now i know why lah my parents nih malas sangat nak keluar on weekends, tak macam anak dorang. Ngeh3.

Enjoy yourself!! :D

Sabrina Halim said...

la,, area bkt bntang office u. blh la slalu shopping. haha

Aiza Aidid said...

ain: thanx ain.. ok je tmpt tu, but pnt la.. kua msk ofis kan.. XD
tula kan, skng wknd mmg pk nk relax je..ahaha

Aiza Aidid said...

sab: yeke?? i xtaw la sab.. tp area bangsar lg ofis i ni. shopg cm x smpt je kan..ehehe

farah said...

yeaa its weekend! selamat berehat orang yang bekerja hehehe

Aiza Aidid said...

farah: org yg bekerja sounds old!! hahaha XD

sygness said...

Nadhirah, i just curious and nak tny ttg sumthg, macam mana nak buat pict kat blog kite tu, org x bleh save or klik pun? just boleh tgk macam tu je. as yours one. ade coding pape x?? tq! and i like to read ur blog! it's awesome! :) chill.

Aiza Aidid said...

oh! yes there are some codes u need to add in kat html thing tu. then only baru bole disable right click.

u can google disable right click. nnt ade instructions. If anything u wanna know just drop any comment again eh? =)

btw, r u PWC staff? Because u're calling me by the name Nadhirah.. haha