Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashionista or Fashion Victim?

Ok, I think this time I update on more serious (yeke?) topic. Oh, before you come and trashing about this post, I suggest you to read until the end =) And one more thing, this post definitely not about judging other people's styles. I would not touch on what outfits u wear, what shawls styles u choose and etc. Remember, I'm not a judgmental person :)


I just want to highlight a few points that might make u a fashion victim instead of a fashionista.
So, let's get started on. Between those 2 there are major differences.

#1 Follow blindly the styles of others
Okay, do u guys noticed that some people look very nice with their outfits and some people don't while actually these people share the same styles? Oh, rephrase that sentence; when 2 people wear the same outfits, one person would look incredibly gorgeous while another would make you said "what is she wearing??!!"

Well, why this happened? If u just follow what others are wearing and don't take a look in the mirror, that'll happen. To be safe, just try the styles that suits you. You want to look pretty not weird, right? =)

#2 Spend money on latest outfits
Erm.. you keep on spending the money even you know u don't need a new outfit or the style just don't really suits you. Ignoring those, u will spend eventually. I admit, I usually gets boring with the same clothes in my wardrobe. But what I always do is mix and match!

I combined new and old clothes of mine to get a few good looks. Sometimes, I found a few vintage clothes of my mum. I took it since she didn't fit in them anymore..hihi! M&M actually would help u create your own style. U saved money and got a new look.

#3 Branded stuffs
You want to have all those branded stuffs. Even in reality u can't afford it. The usual excuse, branded stuffs = quality. How u know? If u can afford it, go on. This point is for those who can't afford. Personally, I don't fancy branded stuffs. First reason, there are so many imitated brands out there, so even if u bought an original, people would said, "Eleh, mesti handbag cap ayam".

Second, it's just a waste of money. You can actually get a few nice things equivalent of 1 branded item. When shopping, I like things which are comfy, suits me and nice to look at. The brand doesn't matter. I even love to shop at flea markets :)

#4 To look pretty all the time
Yes, all of us want to look pretty. Well, sape tak nak, kan? :) But then, there are some places where u need to be just nicely dressed not overdressed. When u go to work/classes, don't need to wear all the glittery makeups or heel boots where everyone would turn around to catch a glimpse of yourself. Well, takkan masa tido pun nak pakai make up kan? ;p

Do u know most guys don't like heavy make ups? My boyfriend said, these girls look scary especially yang eye shadow kaler2. I don't know what to say. Hehe.

Yeah, not just guys, I am a girl and don't like it at all. The most make ups I wear ever are Nivea fruity shine Cherry, Silky White Liquid Foundation and eye liner. Itu pun kalau dah terlebih rajin, baru korang boleh nampak aku cam tu ;D I sincerely admit, I don't know how to apply make ups.


For me, u don't need to be both either fashionista or fashion victim. To be pretty is simple, u first need to have pretty heart, mind and soul. Then u'll be naturally pretty. ^_^

Sorry too, if this post offended anyone. Chill, it's just my two cents :)

p/s: Oh, tomorrow is Monday!


Nava Krishnan said...

For me, its about what looks good on you and after sometime, you really discover how to dress right without looking at fashion trends or following blindly.

Great article, worth the time reading.

Aiza Aidid said...

yes, that's definitely should be the right way indeed. but most people just ignore the fact, they can actually look good without following blindly what others wear

thanks for reading =)

farah said...

agreed !

Aiza Aidid said...

farah: hehe =)