Certain Questions for Certain Ages

March 22, 2011

Hello awesome readers! How are u guys doing? :)

I want to blog last weekend but out of idea. But right now there is this thought that need to be poured out into this post XD. Oh, don't worry, I'm not gonna post about some emo/ranting stuffs that make u guys want to click the 'X' above there.

So, straight to the point, there are certain questions that will be asked when we turned at certain age.


#1 At the age of 13

Okay, at this age u already sat for UPSR right? It's like the 1st paper for the important exams in your student lifetime. So, the question would probably been asked by your makcik2 kepochi in the family.

Question: What have u got for your UPSR?
Answer: Either 5A's or not.

Translation: If u got 5As, that's the indication u'll excel in every other exams, which is so not true, trust me, kids. If not, well you're not that smart, which in this case doesn't necessarily true. Different people, different learning curve.

#2 At the age of 15

At this age most of your friends have got their 1st 'partner'. Oh no, wrong words. Their so-called first love. Sorry, don't mean to laugh but it looks funny to see kids wearing uniform go on dates. Okay, the question which probably been asked by some budak gedik2 (haha!)

Question: You got a boyfriend already? *while making a face*
Answer: Oh Yes!(gedik intonation) or plain NO

Translation: If u have got yourself a BF/ GF, u are considered good looking (wth!). Well, I think u are not that smart. At this age, u should be focusing on your studies. SPM pun tak lepas lagi kan? :p

#3 At the age of 18

After SPM, people again would keep asking about your result. What and where are you studying etc. So, normal I think if that questions are to be asked, right? The usual is;

Question: What are u planning to study? Local or overseas? What's your ambitions?
Answer: Bla..bla..bla...

Translation: There is some significant difference if u take Course M rather than Course A. It'll also make a difference when u studying locally rather than overseas. Of course there is. But what's important is u can excel in what u're studying and u are happy at the place u are. Not because doing everything to satisfied others

#4 Early 20s

The most popular question that most probably been asked by your own parents;

Question: Dah ada BF/GF?
Answer: Either u shake your head or u keep quiet while smiling with a blushed cheek.
Lebih kurang cam that smiley!

Translation: If u have, ur parents want to meet him/her. If they approved, you'll be lucky and happier :) If u're still single, they would start giving hints like "bila nak ada? Orang lain pun study gak" Hahaha. Well, the hints goes something like that..

#5 At the age of 23 years old

You're in your final year of your degree or just started working for about 2 months. You've got yourself a steady partner. Well, I'm at this age now. This is what my parents asked me last week;

Question: When do u guys plan on getting engaged?
Me: ...... erm.. soon :)
Question: Bile tah soon tu.. tahun depan jela, ok?
Me: *searching for my phone in the pocket* while saying "jap orang tny Shah jap XD"


All these questions are my experiences. If I'm 25 or 30 later on, there will be other questions that gonna be asked by others. For me, I think others would be asked the same or almost the same thing. Just the answers would not be the same.

p/s: Good luck SPM candidates!

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