Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Certain Questions for Certain Ages

Hello awesome readers! How are u guys doing? :)

I want to blog last weekend but out of idea. But right now there is this thought that need to be poured out into this post XD. Oh, don't worry, I'm not gonna post about some emo/ranting stuffs that make u guys want to click the 'X' above there.

So, straight to the point, there are certain questions that will be asked when we turned at certain age.


#1 At the age of 13

Okay, at this age u already sat for UPSR right? It's like the 1st paper for the important exams in your student lifetime. So, the question would probably been asked by your makcik2 kepochi in the family.

Question: What have u got for your UPSR?
Answer: Either 5A's or not.

Translation: If u got 5As, that's the indication u'll excel in every other exams, which is so not true, trust me, kids. If not, well you're not that smart, which in this case doesn't necessarily true. Different people, different learning curve.

#2 At the age of 15

At this age most of your friends have got their 1st 'partner'. Oh no, wrong words. Their so-called first love. Sorry, don't mean to laugh but it looks funny to see kids wearing uniform go on dates. Okay, the question which probably been asked by some budak gedik2 (haha!)

Question: You got a boyfriend already? *while making a face*
Answer: Oh Yes!(gedik intonation) or plain NO

Translation: If u have got yourself a BF/ GF, u are considered good looking (wth!). Well, I think u are not that smart. At this age, u should be focusing on your studies. SPM pun tak lepas lagi kan? :p

#3 At the age of 18

After SPM, people again would keep asking about your result. What and where are you studying etc. So, normal I think if that questions are to be asked, right? The usual is;

Question: What are u planning to study? Local or overseas? What's your ambitions?
Answer: Bla..bla..bla...

Translation: There is some significant difference if u take Course M rather than Course A. It'll also make a difference when u studying locally rather than overseas. Of course there is. But what's important is u can excel in what u're studying and u are happy at the place u are. Not because doing everything to satisfied others

#4 Early 20s

The most popular question that most probably been asked by your own parents;

Question: Dah ada BF/GF?
Answer: Either u shake your head or u keep quiet while smiling with a blushed cheek.
Lebih kurang cam that smiley!

Translation: If u have, ur parents want to meet him/her. If they approved, you'll be lucky and happier :) If u're still single, they would start giving hints like "bila nak ada? Orang lain pun study gak" Hahaha. Well, the hints goes something like that..

#5 At the age of 23 years old

You're in your final year of your degree or just started working for about 2 months. You've got yourself a steady partner. Well, I'm at this age now. This is what my parents asked me last week;

Question: When do u guys plan on getting engaged?
Me: ...... erm.. soon :)
Question: Bile tah soon tu.. tahun depan jela, ok?
Me: *searching for my phone in the pocket* while saying "jap orang tny Shah jap XD"


All these questions are my experiences. If I'm 25 or 30 later on, there will be other questions that gonna be asked by others. For me, I think others would be asked the same or almost the same thing. Just the answers would not be the same.

p/s: Good luck SPM candidates!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashionista or Fashion Victim?

Ok, I think this time I update on more serious (yeke?) topic. Oh, before you come and trashing about this post, I suggest you to read until the end =) And one more thing, this post definitely not about judging other people's styles. I would not touch on what outfits u wear, what shawls styles u choose and etc. Remember, I'm not a judgmental person :)


I just want to highlight a few points that might make u a fashion victim instead of a fashionista.
So, let's get started on. Between those 2 there are major differences.

#1 Follow blindly the styles of others
Okay, do u guys noticed that some people look very nice with their outfits and some people don't while actually these people share the same styles? Oh, rephrase that sentence; when 2 people wear the same outfits, one person would look incredibly gorgeous while another would make you said "what is she wearing??!!"

Well, why this happened? If u just follow what others are wearing and don't take a look in the mirror, that'll happen. To be safe, just try the styles that suits you. You want to look pretty not weird, right? =)

#2 Spend money on latest outfits
Erm.. you keep on spending the money even you know u don't need a new outfit or the style just don't really suits you. Ignoring those, u will spend eventually. I admit, I usually gets boring with the same clothes in my wardrobe. But what I always do is mix and match!

I combined new and old clothes of mine to get a few good looks. Sometimes, I found a few vintage clothes of my mum. I took it since she didn't fit in them anymore..hihi! M&M actually would help u create your own style. U saved money and got a new look.

#3 Branded stuffs
You want to have all those branded stuffs. Even in reality u can't afford it. The usual excuse, branded stuffs = quality. How u know? If u can afford it, go on. This point is for those who can't afford. Personally, I don't fancy branded stuffs. First reason, there are so many imitated brands out there, so even if u bought an original, people would said, "Eleh, mesti handbag cap ayam".

Second, it's just a waste of money. You can actually get a few nice things equivalent of 1 branded item. When shopping, I like things which are comfy, suits me and nice to look at. The brand doesn't matter. I even love to shop at flea markets :)

#4 To look pretty all the time
Yes, all of us want to look pretty. Well, sape tak nak, kan? :) But then, there are some places where u need to be just nicely dressed not overdressed. When u go to work/classes, don't need to wear all the glittery makeups or heel boots where everyone would turn around to catch a glimpse of yourself. Well, takkan masa tido pun nak pakai make up kan? ;p

Do u know most guys don't like heavy make ups? My boyfriend said, these girls look scary especially yang eye shadow kaler2. I don't know what to say. Hehe.

Yeah, not just guys, I am a girl and don't like it at all. The most make ups I wear ever are Nivea fruity shine Cherry, Silky White Liquid Foundation and eye liner. Itu pun kalau dah terlebih rajin, baru korang boleh nampak aku cam tu ;D I sincerely admit, I don't know how to apply make ups.


For me, u don't need to be both either fashionista or fashion victim. To be pretty is simple, u first need to have pretty heart, mind and soul. Then u'll be naturally pretty. ^_^

Sorry too, if this post offended anyone. Chill, it's just my two cents :)

p/s: Oh, tomorrow is Monday!

Too Many Updates To Share!

Hello guys!

I know recently, there are no more updates during the weekdays. Weekends only I have the time. When I got back home from work, I felt too tired to blog. Nak tekan on laptop pun tak larat! Hahaha XD. So now, I frequently updating my twitter instead.

But to those who always asking for my latest post, here it is =)

So, let's start one by one on what happened since my previous post. Oh, I mean before yesterday's post..hehe.

Yea, result MMU sangat la lambat kali ni. It came out on Friday. While working, my roommate texted me, " Aizaaaaa, result dah kua!... etc.." I was like, oh no! At that time, I cannot do my work already. Dah keje aku berlambak2.. Yela, dah hilang focus kan. Tried to logged on to MMU portal like hundreds time (ok tipu! tapi nak dekat 20 kali gak la), just some stupid error je yang kua!

Finally, I can accessed the portal. Click a few times here and there, and there is my result. I am very happy! =D My pointer? Tak payah la kan, nnt ade orang cakap berlagak. So, let's just say, I'll be collecting the my another DL certificate when I'm back at MMU later. Alhamdulillah.

Hurm.. sedih gile :( My favorite shoes in its worst condition. Tapak dah tercabut, kalau hujan air pun boleh masuk. I like that shoes since it is very comfy and ballerina shoes are my favorite. Heels are so not my type. So, girls who like to wear heels, can u tell me why u like it? No, I'm not gonna judge you or anything. I just wanna know =)

By the way, I found the replacement for my Mustard ballerina shoes. I like this new shoes, I mean the design. It looks sporty but at the same time pretty ;) I got it at a price of RM 49. So, this shoes saved me a lot actually since I can wear it for casual and the office. Yeay! Oh, don't worry ballerina, I always remember you XD

hey gorgeous! Haha

I am number four
Yes, only yesterday I had the chance to watch the movie. Well, if anyone want to treat me for another round, sure I'll take it! XD. Awesome and not the typical alien movies at all. Worth my money. Eh, silap, worth my BFF's money. Thanks for the treat besties. Hehe

More cute stuff for me!
I lost my old earphone. I broke my headphone. And my green speaker, I don't know sometimes got sound but most of the time no. So, I found a new one instead.

Cute huh? Hehe

Okay, let's stop about the things I love at the moment. Now, there are 2 things which I don't hate but I don't actually ♥.

Just 2 more photos okay? =)

1) Working life

Since these time around is the peak period for Malaysian Tax, I'm assigned to help the Malaysian team. The work loads these days. See the mounting files in the pictures? Yes, I had to prepare the tax returns. But actually I like it. I can see now where I can apply the things I learnt before. Well, I do not prepare all these manually. Guna software sudah. Haha! These files just for reference. Erm, that's all I can say XD

2) The panda eyes

The picture itself can tell you why. Lack of sleep of course.
August please come very fast please?

p/s: So not looking forward when Mondays come.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Getting A Year Older XD

gossip partner/shopping partner
/test-new-food partner XD & future life partner,

Happy getting a year older honey!
Don't worry, your age is a secret XD

No need for a specific reason why I adore u
since I all about u =)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Think U Guys Are Awesome!

Hello people! It's Sunday morning. So let's talk about something that most people like! MUSIC.

I listened to most of their covers. Seriously the best cover I've heard for all the songs so far. I hit the replay button too many times. Hehe

One of the earliest video.. around the year 2008, if I'm not mistaken.

BUT, not only their covers are good, their own song is the way too better! Why have I not noticed this band before? Oh, I think because I listened to too many R&B music. Haha!

The acoustic version!

So, there it is.
Boyce Avenue! =)

Time Nak Tido Kena La Buat Post Pasal Makanan! Hehe

Thai Fried Rice, Secret Recipe : As u can see, there are fried rice with 2 grilled shrimps. And of course ada sambal and those cucumbers and other veggies. I never knew SR has this dish. My favorite kind of food! I like spicy food. But I warned you even for spicy food lover like me can't take its level of spicy. Sangat pedas! Even you're in an air conditioned building ;p

Waffle with ice cream - Just a simple dessert for me when I am hungry! I like the waffle, since it is really crunchy. And the ice cream complement everything! XD Guess what? I eat this waffle after I ate the fried kuey teow in the pic below

All time favvy =))

Hah! Now u guys know how I have such a big appetite. No one believe I eat all of these. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I ate all of these in a day. Not at the same time. Muntah la aku kalau macam tu kan ;)

Actually this post is just a random post about food. It's been ages since I post anything about food. I think I posted this because I ate only McD fillet-o-fish for my dinner tonight. So, I kept thinking about the great food I had yesterday. Heavenly! Haha ;D

So, are you guys hungry? =))

p/s: Night readers. Jangan makan sekarang. Tak elok. Minum je air kosong kalau dah lapar sangat :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Now, That's Why Friday is the Most Exciting Day!

1st day - Induction day

The ice breaking, the briefing, the laptop's give-out and team segregation. This day is the most tiring. I felt asleep at 9 pm. Hello! I never sleep that early. Come on, we're young and not supposed to be that old. But hey, whatever, that day I don't have the energy for small talk with my sister before sleep. Haha!

Spot me? ;p

picture: PwCMalaysia

More girls than guys? Haha.. XD. That's because this intake of interns only from 1 university all of us are from MMU, both Malacca and Cyber campuses!

And yes, I don't drive to 1 Sentral. It's crazy jammed there in the morning and also evening. So, the best way is of course, public transport! Haha :D The food? Well, kat situ ade banyak tempat makan, kat Sooka Sentral (I warned you, there quite costly), Plaza Sentral, KL Sentral. Well, jalan siket gi la makan KFC/ kedai mamak kat Brickfields tu. Hehe. Kat ofis pun ade cafe, ni kalau dah malas sangat la kan! Haha XD

2nd day

So, the working day starts. I'm in International Assignment Services which representing the overseas clients/expatriates. I've been assigned on Australia Tax Team. So, basically my clients are from Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. I spent the whole day learning the tax law of Aussie. Sangat la pening kepale. Malaysia punya tax pun tak terer mane, ni nak wat negara lain plak kan. It's okay it's okay, the good thing is, this is advantage and experience for me. So, bring it on! Hihi

3rd day

Oh, I went to IRB this morning to do some work. That's confidential, I can't say more. Well, finally, I get out from the office to do field work. Yeay, baru la tak ngantuk. Suka je ko kan, tak payah study tax law tebal2 tu..haha!


Penat tuh dah tak sangat rasa la kot. Probably body already immune to the new waking up system of mine. I wake up at 6 am every morning. Eyh, seriously lah! Even I'm not a morning person. Sampai ofis gi pantri wat mocha kan XD Hehehe!

Yes, tomorrow is Friday. Now, I understand why working people is very excited when the Friday comes. Hihihi.

The people, the place, the environment is best! The pressure? we'll see how XD

So people, I'll update more on weekends. I promise u! -x0-

p/s: Ignore the "xo" please. Hahaha !