What Should You Be Doing A Few Days Before Your Final Exams Start!

February 06, 2011

The answer to the above title, it definitely would not be enjoying every single free time you have to sit lazily in front of your TV or should I say, laptops? Haha!

This will be my last update BEFORE I sit for the final exams. The subjects this trimester are all hurm.. stressful, so I can't afford to blog every day. I'll be back after 16th February :)

Well, not necessarily you have to follow me but this is what I do. Ok, before that, this post is not about tips how to study, what you MUST do (you know, perform the prayers and so on, that you should know, you must do). Instead, this post is just actually about what I do to release my tension apart from the MUST-DO list.

1) I fulfilled my cravings.

Any food that came across my mind, and actually made my tummy hungry. Normally my cravings would be floats, blended ice-cream ........ , even sometimes peanut butter chocolate waffle! If you've been following my blog for a while, you know how much I love food and love to eat. So up till now, this is my craving....

Sedapnyeee!! So maybe tomorrow, I'll be heading to A&W before
driving back to Cyber. I favor A&W's curly fries compared to McD's twister fries.

2. I lazed around

But but but.. not more than 15 minutes, than I'll be back to face my notes, books and whatsoever stuffs that need for the studying. Well, if you're study straight for 40 minutes onwards (if I'm not mistaken), you'll lose your focus eventually. The best thing you take rest about 5 - 10 minutes. Oh, I take 15 minutes, because I'm extra lazy you know. Haha!

3. Eat Ice Cream!

I somehow find ice cream release my tension. Maybe it's just because I love to eat. Favorably, is chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Kalau dah takde sangat, mint pun okay, which actually my least favorite.

Oh, nasib baek, kat Cyber ade 1 kedai ice cream best. Memang akan pegi sana la after abes paper hari Sabtu nanti :)

4. Study study study

If you don't study then how you going to remove the tension out of your head. So be prepare and study, selagi ada masa, is the best way. No escape from studying if you are still a student ;p

Final year accounting student's desk! Sampai tak jumpa nota kan. Eh, this only happened during study week. Nanti cakap aku malas kemas meja plak kan..Hehe


I smile to hide my anxiety every time I think about the exams.
But somehow, it looked like frown. Haha!
Sorry people, if you ever saw me like that ;)

Images: Tumblr and my own.

10/2 - Financial Statement Analysis
11/2 - Corporate Accounting II
12/2 - Accounting Theory
16/2 - ERP System

p/s: Okay, good bye for now. I'll catch up with you guys later. And of course thanks to those who dropped by, I promised I'll visit you guys later ;)

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