Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Synthesia: Solution for Those Who Can't Read Music Notes

Hello people!

Sorry I've been out of the blog for a few days. Well, first of all the finals are over! Hehe. The result? Tu cite kemudian :)

Ok, back to the topic, Synthesia. Ok, benda ni is actually a PC game designed for those who don't know how to read piano notes but eager to play. It's like guitar hero but piano version. I like to play guitar hero and I'm good. Sape nak lawan??? Cepat lah! Hahaha! *gile*

How to play?
First of all, u need to download the game. Google Synthesia.

There are 2 ways how u can play:
a) If you don't have keyboards, (by this I don't mean the laptop's keyboards eh) BUT u know the mini piano most of people called it, u need 2 mouses since on the screen would have the virtual keyboard. To play piano u gonna have to use 2 hands. So 2 hands = 2 mouses. I've tried this actually just now ;)

b) If u have keyboard, specifically the ones with USB port, just attached it to your PC or laptop. I think this one would gives u more satisfaction, since u can press the keyboards for real!

Well, it's not meant for those who can't read music sheets. I think this game would also help for those who knows how to play the real piano too. Because, piano needs practices and speed. Oh, how I wish this program exist during the time I took piano practical exams *sigh*
Mesti best kalau time tu bila my mum tanya, 'dah practice piano?"
And my answer would always be "Dah tadi gune Synthesia". *wat muke bangga* Hahaha!

Okay, watch these videos for more ideas on what I'm trying to explain will you? :)

p/s: Two of my favorite songs. I like Beethoven's pieces more and play his songs better! :)
p/s/s: Piano is the most easiest to play with 8 notes only! =)


amal miau said...

cam nak buat iklan lak part yang last sekali tu haha!

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. dah abes xm jd part time promoter pon bole! hah, try la ni amal! :D