Synthesia: Solution for Those Who Can't Read Music Notes

February 16, 2011

Hello people!

Sorry I've been out of the blog for a few days. Well, first of all the finals are over! Hehe. The result? Tu cite kemudian :)

Ok, back to the topic, Synthesia. Ok, benda ni is actually a PC game designed for those who don't know how to read piano notes but eager to play. It's like guitar hero but piano version. I like to play guitar hero and I'm good. Sape nak lawan??? Cepat lah! Hahaha! *gile*

How to play?
First of all, u need to download the game. Google Synthesia.

There are 2 ways how u can play:
a) If you don't have keyboards, (by this I don't mean the laptop's keyboards eh) BUT u know the mini piano most of people called it, u need 2 mouses since on the screen would have the virtual keyboard. To play piano u gonna have to use 2 hands. So 2 hands = 2 mouses. I've tried this actually just now ;)

b) If u have keyboard, specifically the ones with USB port, just attached it to your PC or laptop. I think this one would gives u more satisfaction, since u can press the keyboards for real!

Well, it's not meant for those who can't read music sheets. I think this game would also help for those who knows how to play the real piano too. Because, piano needs practices and speed. Oh, how I wish this program exist during the time I took piano practical exams *sigh*
Mesti best kalau time tu bila my mum tanya, 'dah practice piano?"
And my answer would always be "Dah tadi gune Synthesia". *wat muke bangga* Hahaha!

Okay, watch these videos for more ideas on what I'm trying to explain will you? :)

p/s: Two of my favorite songs. I like Beethoven's pieces more and play his songs better! :)
p/s/s: Piano is the most easiest to play with 8 notes only! =)

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