Mean Girls at School. What's Your Say?

February 17, 2011


I decided to watch Mean Girls 2 last night since there is nothing else to do. Well, the movie is okay I guess, I shall give 6/10. I prefer the first Mean Girl. Okay, this post not about the review of the movie. It's about mean girls at school.

I went to all girls school from standard 1 until Form 5. You know, Methodist Girls School a.k.a MGS? Yeah, the one in Klang, of course :) The school is best, but the girls not really you know. I don't mean all but there are a few groups like in the Mean Girls. They called themselves the 'popular' or 'elite' group *rolling eyes*

Sorry, groupies are not for me. I have a few close friends and a best friend. That's more than enough =)

When I was in Form 1, there are these Form 2 girls, in a group of course, dyed hairs, make-ups on.. so like plastics! Yeah, they put on make-ups to go to the school. Tula, aku sendiri tak faham, tak panas ke?? Skolah takde air cond ok! Hahaha. Of course these girls are pretty! Tak cantik bukan geng la kan! Ptfff! But they are not beauty with the brains, ehem.. well u know what I mean ;) Ok that's about one group. There are also a few groups like that, tried to be the most popular group. Well let's just say, these groups are rivals. Sound stupid enough? Well, there is more.

I was in Form 1 in 2001. So that was like 10 years ago and now u know how old I am? :)

Ok, when I was in Form 1, there are also the groups like these Form 2 girls, called themselves the 'wanna-be's! That was really annoying. I don't know what were they thinking! Seriously, there are no boys at my school, if that's their purpose. All I did was, every time I came across these groups, I will definitely rolled my eyes and laughed with my friends.

Girls girls girls, high school is not forever you know! =)

2004 - Form 4
Don't try to find me. Hahaha!

For me, this kind of girls have very low self-esteem. They are not independent enough to stand on their own. So, what's good about that?

So, what do u think? This is a common case in girls school. I don't know about co-ed school. Is there anything like this?

p/s: Beauty with brain, now that's so cool! =)

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