A Car Needs Make Ups Too =)

February 21, 2011

Ok, today let's talk about make ups. And this post definitely not about the regular girls make ups! :)

Yes, of course your car need some "make-ups" especially when it is getting old. Okay, my car this year would be 8 years old. I bought it in 2008 but it was a 2003 Kelisa model. Yeah, it's a secondhand car, since I don't have that much saving to buy a brand new car. At that time, the car looks okay but not pretty. Maybe because it was damaged a little since the previous owner had the car involved in an accident.

To cut the story short, my dad modify the car a little; changed the bumper, changed the rim, and of course, changed the radio..haha! Radio that was famous at that time is the one that have USB port and with a remote control. And my car have these loud 2 speakers! Hehe. Yeah, my car have those. And my guys friends keep asking where did I bought that radio with the sound system. Of course my answer "Gi tanya ayah aku. Aku tak tahu lah kan! Kat kedai aksesori kete la kot" =)

After 3 years, the car now need another simple make ups to enhance its cuteness! Hehehe :)

So.. here it is

1) A few stickers - to make it look sporty, I guess =)
2) A blind spot mirror - this one cermin kecik je, pasang dekat side mirror tu, sebab dekat blind spot kita tak nampak another vehicles might be coming towards our cars.
3) Sun shades- Seriously, boleh tido dalam kereta skang! Hahaha

Yeah, my car doesn't looks like it is owned by a girl. I don't have any soft toys or girls colors such as pastels colors accessory. The reason why, my dad advice me not too. Having girly accessories for your car made you an easy target on the road. Your car can look pretty without you compromising your safety. Remember that, girls.

What else? Oh, don't over do the make ups. You don't want your car to be a mess in your head =) The analogy of this, a girl with a simple make up is more pretty than the ones with heavy and unrealistic make ups. And so do the cars.

Ok, that's all for today's tips. Hehe =)

Dad: Asyik je la jumpa kasut dalam kete! Ira!! *calling my name loudly* ;p
Me: Erm.. as long as it's a girl's car u'll see at least a pair, Dad.. Hehe. Tak caye tengok dalam kete mama..hahaha
Dad: ................................

*Dialog direka untuk jadi lagi sedap dibaca. Hehe

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