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February 28, 2011

Hi guys! How's your weekend?

Finally no updates for a week. I've been busy especially these past 3 days. So, here I am, done with all those stuff ;)

Just a short updates with few pictures la eh? Tomorrow I'll post the details. Tak larat la mengantuk..hehe

1) I bought few clothes, pants and shoes for my internship which starts on this Tuesday. Erm.. my feelings.. nervous maybe, excited pun ade, let's just say mixed feelings. Oh, plus, rasa sangat malas nak bangun pagi2 kan? :D

2) I baked chocolate chip cookies! Well, I'm in the mood, so why not? Hehehehe. But one lesson learnt, if u used ready made mix flour, never put extra chocolate chips in it. Nanti jadi manis. If u like sweet food, then go ahead. I'm not really into it :) But, still the cookies habis gak..haha!

3) Room's make over, since I'll be at home until October, so might as well buat cantik2 siket! Before this, it looks like a store or library maybe? There are racks of books piling up. But now, all cleaned up :)

Sneak peak in my room. More coming up in next entry :)

4) Oh, I managed to go checked out the place for my intern this morning. Well, it only takes around 10 mins to reach there by LRT. Hehehe.

5) Hang out with the best friend before she fly back to Egypt. Gonna miss u :(

6) I went to AmCorp and looked around the flea market there but somehow, Cyber's flea market is more tempting. Hehe.

7) I wanna sleep now! hihi

Nite my dear readers :)

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