Monday, February 28, 2011

#2 Miscellaneous

Hi guys! How's your weekend?

Finally no updates for a week. I've been busy especially these past 3 days. So, here I am, done with all those stuff ;)

Just a short updates with few pictures la eh? Tomorrow I'll post the details. Tak larat la mengantuk..hehe

1) I bought few clothes, pants and shoes for my internship which starts on this Tuesday. Erm.. my feelings.. nervous maybe, excited pun ade, let's just say mixed feelings. Oh, plus, rasa sangat malas nak bangun pagi2 kan? :D

2) I baked chocolate chip cookies! Well, I'm in the mood, so why not? Hehehehe. But one lesson learnt, if u used ready made mix flour, never put extra chocolate chips in it. Nanti jadi manis. If u like sweet food, then go ahead. I'm not really into it :) But, still the cookies habis gak..haha!

3) Room's make over, since I'll be at home until October, so might as well buat cantik2 siket! Before this, it looks like a store or library maybe? There are racks of books piling up. But now, all cleaned up :)

Sneak peak in my room. More coming up in next entry :)

4) Oh, I managed to go checked out the place for my intern this morning. Well, it only takes around 10 mins to reach there by LRT. Hehehe.

5) Hang out with the best friend before she fly back to Egypt. Gonna miss u :(

6) I went to AmCorp and looked around the flea market there but somehow, Cyber's flea market is more tempting. Hehe.

7) I wanna sleep now! hihi

Nite my dear readers :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Car Needs Make Ups Too =)

Ok, today let's talk about make ups. And this post definitely not about the regular girls make ups! :)

Yes, of course your car need some "make-ups" especially when it is getting old. Okay, my car this year would be 8 years old. I bought it in 2008 but it was a 2003 Kelisa model. Yeah, it's a secondhand car, since I don't have that much saving to buy a brand new car. At that time, the car looks okay but not pretty. Maybe because it was damaged a little since the previous owner had the car involved in an accident.

To cut the story short, my dad modify the car a little; changed the bumper, changed the rim, and of course, changed the radio..haha! Radio that was famous at that time is the one that have USB port and with a remote control. And my car have these loud 2 speakers! Hehe. Yeah, my car have those. And my guys friends keep asking where did I bought that radio with the sound system. Of course my answer "Gi tanya ayah aku. Aku tak tahu lah kan! Kat kedai aksesori kete la kot" =)

After 3 years, the car now need another simple make ups to enhance its cuteness! Hehehe :)

So.. here it is

1) A few stickers - to make it look sporty, I guess =)
2) A blind spot mirror - this one cermin kecik je, pasang dekat side mirror tu, sebab dekat blind spot kita tak nampak another vehicles might be coming towards our cars.
3) Sun shades- Seriously, boleh tido dalam kereta skang! Hahaha

Yeah, my car doesn't looks like it is owned by a girl. I don't have any soft toys or girls colors such as pastels colors accessory. The reason why, my dad advice me not too. Having girly accessories for your car made you an easy target on the road. Your car can look pretty without you compromising your safety. Remember that, girls.

What else? Oh, don't over do the make ups. You don't want your car to be a mess in your head =) The analogy of this, a girl with a simple make up is more pretty than the ones with heavy and unrealistic make ups. And so do the cars.

Ok, that's all for today's tips. Hehe =)

Dad: Asyik je la jumpa kasut dalam kete! Ira!! *calling my name loudly* ;p
Me: Erm.. as long as it's a girl's car u'll see at least a pair, Dad.. Hehe. Tak caye tengok dalam kete mama..hahaha
Dad: ................................

*Dialog direka untuk jadi lagi sedap dibaca. Hehe

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mean Girls at School. What's Your Say?


I decided to watch Mean Girls 2 last night since there is nothing else to do. Well, the movie is okay I guess, I shall give 6/10. I prefer the first Mean Girl. Okay, this post not about the review of the movie. It's about mean girls at school.

I went to all girls school from standard 1 until Form 5. You know, Methodist Girls School a.k.a MGS? Yeah, the one in Klang, of course :) The school is best, but the girls not really you know. I don't mean all but there are a few groups like in the Mean Girls. They called themselves the 'popular' or 'elite' group *rolling eyes*

Sorry, groupies are not for me. I have a few close friends and a best friend. That's more than enough =)

When I was in Form 1, there are these Form 2 girls, in a group of course, dyed hairs, make-ups on.. so like plastics! Yeah, they put on make-ups to go to the school. Tula, aku sendiri tak faham, tak panas ke?? Skolah takde air cond ok! Hahaha. Of course these girls are pretty! Tak cantik bukan geng la kan! Ptfff! But they are not beauty with the brains, ehem.. well u know what I mean ;) Ok that's about one group. There are also a few groups like that, tried to be the most popular group. Well let's just say, these groups are rivals. Sound stupid enough? Well, there is more.

I was in Form 1 in 2001. So that was like 10 years ago and now u know how old I am? :)

Ok, when I was in Form 1, there are also the groups like these Form 2 girls, called themselves the 'wanna-be's! That was really annoying. I don't know what were they thinking! Seriously, there are no boys at my school, if that's their purpose. All I did was, every time I came across these groups, I will definitely rolled my eyes and laughed with my friends.

Girls girls girls, high school is not forever you know! =)

2004 - Form 4
Don't try to find me. Hahaha!

For me, this kind of girls have very low self-esteem. They are not independent enough to stand on their own. So, what's good about that?

So, what do u think? This is a common case in girls school. I don't know about co-ed school. Is there anything like this?

p/s: Beauty with brain, now that's so cool! =)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Synthesia: Solution for Those Who Can't Read Music Notes

Hello people!

Sorry I've been out of the blog for a few days. Well, first of all the finals are over! Hehe. The result? Tu cite kemudian :)

Ok, back to the topic, Synthesia. Ok, benda ni is actually a PC game designed for those who don't know how to read piano notes but eager to play. It's like guitar hero but piano version. I like to play guitar hero and I'm good. Sape nak lawan??? Cepat lah! Hahaha! *gile*

How to play?
First of all, u need to download the game. Google Synthesia.

There are 2 ways how u can play:
a) If you don't have keyboards, (by this I don't mean the laptop's keyboards eh) BUT u know the mini piano most of people called it, u need 2 mouses since on the screen would have the virtual keyboard. To play piano u gonna have to use 2 hands. So 2 hands = 2 mouses. I've tried this actually just now ;)

b) If u have keyboard, specifically the ones with USB port, just attached it to your PC or laptop. I think this one would gives u more satisfaction, since u can press the keyboards for real!

Well, it's not meant for those who can't read music sheets. I think this game would also help for those who knows how to play the real piano too. Because, piano needs practices and speed. Oh, how I wish this program exist during the time I took piano practical exams *sigh*
Mesti best kalau time tu bila my mum tanya, 'dah practice piano?"
And my answer would always be "Dah tadi gune Synthesia". *wat muke bangga* Hahaha!

Okay, watch these videos for more ideas on what I'm trying to explain will you? :)

p/s: Two of my favorite songs. I like Beethoven's pieces more and play his songs better! :)
p/s/s: Piano is the most easiest to play with 8 notes only! =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

When A Laptop.....

And this shows up:

And you're like:

A couple of minutes later, this shows up:

And you ran to get your charger like:


I reblogged it for my tumblr. So I just shared it here too.
Saje, otak blur jap, afer 3 papers in a row, but it was okay.

One more to go =)

Source: TUMBLR

Sunday, February 06, 2011

What Should You Be Doing A Few Days Before Your Final Exams Start!

The answer to the above title, it definitely would not be enjoying every single free time you have to sit lazily in front of your TV or should I say, laptops? Haha!

This will be my last update BEFORE I sit for the final exams. The subjects this trimester are all hurm.. stressful, so I can't afford to blog every day. I'll be back after 16th February :)

Well, not necessarily you have to follow me but this is what I do. Ok, before that, this post is not about tips how to study, what you MUST do (you know, perform the prayers and so on, that you should know, you must do). Instead, this post is just actually about what I do to release my tension apart from the MUST-DO list.

1) I fulfilled my cravings.

Any food that came across my mind, and actually made my tummy hungry. Normally my cravings would be floats, blended ice-cream ........ , even sometimes peanut butter chocolate waffle! If you've been following my blog for a while, you know how much I love food and love to eat. So up till now, this is my craving....

Sedapnyeee!! So maybe tomorrow, I'll be heading to A&W before
driving back to Cyber. I favor A&W's curly fries compared to McD's twister fries.

2. I lazed around

But but but.. not more than 15 minutes, than I'll be back to face my notes, books and whatsoever stuffs that need for the studying. Well, if you're study straight for 40 minutes onwards (if I'm not mistaken), you'll lose your focus eventually. The best thing you take rest about 5 - 10 minutes. Oh, I take 15 minutes, because I'm extra lazy you know. Haha!

3. Eat Ice Cream!

I somehow find ice cream release my tension. Maybe it's just because I love to eat. Favorably, is chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Kalau dah takde sangat, mint pun okay, which actually my least favorite.

Oh, nasib baek, kat Cyber ade 1 kedai ice cream best. Memang akan pegi sana la after abes paper hari Sabtu nanti :)

4. Study study study

If you don't study then how you going to remove the tension out of your head. So be prepare and study, selagi ada masa, is the best way. No escape from studying if you are still a student ;p

Final year accounting student's desk! Sampai tak jumpa nota kan. Eh, this only happened during study week. Nanti cakap aku malas kemas meja plak kan..Hehe


I smile to hide my anxiety every time I think about the exams.
But somehow, it looked like frown. Haha!
Sorry people, if you ever saw me like that ;)

Images: Tumblr and my own.

10/2 - Financial Statement Analysis
11/2 - Corporate Accounting II
12/2 - Accounting Theory
16/2 - ERP System

p/s: Okay, good bye for now. I'll catch up with you guys later. And of course thanks to those who dropped by, I promised I'll visit you guys later ;)

Friday, February 04, 2011

[Video]: How the Devil Influence Us in Every Day Life

I knew about these videos when my brother showed me last night. So, I thought of posting it here just to share with my readers. And also as a reminder for myself =)

When a thought of evil from Satan assault you,
bring Allah to remembrance.

And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze
and guard their modesty: that they should not display their
beauty and armaments except what (ordinarily) appear there of

p/s: I think the messages already can be captured by anyone who watched this videos.


On unrelated subject, thanks to new followers, minggu ni mcm banyak plak orang follow..hehe

So here are they:

Those are the latest, thanks guys! OH, should i say girls? Hehe
TQVM! Go check out their blogs :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You Being Here = Double Happiness For Me

Thanks to you, love

My study week is not that stressful.
I posted more smiles than frowns.
I eat on time and have fulfilled all the cravings..hehe.
I have more handbags and tops now! Haha.
I am this happy for almost 4 years now :)


FYI, Green Hornet sangat tak best. rm40 for the tickets seemed not worth it. I suggest you watch Faster. Lagi best! That's what seemed more worthy!

And now, back to all the study routine before the exam start.

Wish me luck!