So What If Facebook Is Closing Down?

January 09, 2011


Only an hour ago, I've read about this. Read here. Well, the same thing goes on twitter, I guess up till now, this 'issue' had become the one of trending topics. Well, maybe it's true and maybe it's just a rumor.

But as my title said, SO WHAT IF IS TRUE?

Well, facebook of course get you connected with others but somehow it have negative sides too. The most negative effect is it has broken up many relationships and marriages. I guess it depends on how u guys are using it =)

Ala, takde facebook pun takpe kan. Bukan mati pon. Plus, banyak lagi benda korang boleh buat. Instead of facing your desktop/laptop screen for hours, you might then be facing much worthy things such as studying. Ni for student la kan. For employees, takde dah nak curi2 mase maen facebook time keje. Kan senang camtu, haha!

Then, the underage people (budak skola la kan) takde la nak gedik2 ade facebook. Ni tak, umo 11 or 12 tahun, relationship status dah "In a relationship with....". Aku tengok memang nak gelak la kan. Seriously speaking, when I was at that age, tak penah terlintas nak ade boyfriend. Yes maybe, aku tak perasan cantik cam budak2 skang. I don't know what to say, but there's a difference back then. Ops, out of topic already ;)

Personally, ade facebook ok je, but if it's closing down, then no effect for me. I still have my blog, which I love more!! So, if yang takde, then only baru aku akan marah..Hehe ;D

p/s: If it's true then, friendster or MS would be back in trend I guess ;p

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