The Most Relax Day

January 01, 2011

Hello awesome people! haha ;)

So, how's your new year? I mean how u spent it. IF you want to read a boring update, the u may stay and read. Otherwise, click the 'X' on the top right side. Wanna stay? Well, I did warned you.

I spent the day by waking up around 830 am, then sleep again until 10 am. Woke up by the sound of text message received ;) Pastu golek2 lagi atas katil sebab malas nak mandi. Eleh, macam korang terus bangun mandi kan..hahaha! Suddenly I remembered that I haven't done my laundry for the week yet. So, dengan rajin pegi lah basuh.. gune mesin je pun! Then my dad called asking me to get ready to go for breakfast. Almost 12 only then I eat. Yelah yelah, bukan breakfast dah la kan :D

During the noon, I reorganized my wardrobe. Once in a while I will do that, just to sort which shirts/jeans/shoes/bags that I don't really wear anymore. Then, donate to people which needed those more. But usually the shoes and bags would be taken by my youngest sister first. Haih, budak tu! What she did is that she came near me, asking this "nak lagi tak kasut/bag tu?" and sambil buat muka kesian. Nak tak nak, I will say this, "yela2 amek la kan". Hehe!

So, then I do a little bit of my assignments. Alhamdullillah, it's getting less =))

Just now, I had dinner. At HOME! Yes, I rarely eat at home. So, once in a while, if I got the chance, I seriously eat a lot! Hehe. Supposedly, I edit a few more assignments. But, as u know, my stomach is full now. the eyes are getting heavy.

Before I fall asleep, Happy New Year to you. May all the goodness and happiness granted to all my readers! ;)

Ok dah, nak tido! ;D

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