Miscellaneous #1

January 15, 2011

When the weekend comes, then only you'll see more updates from me. But, not that many. Don't worry, I won't be spamming your dashboard ;)

Currently, it is towards the end of semester, so less classes but also less time to do all the assignments and studying at the same time. But, I only left with two assignments, so hopefully by next week I'll be done with them. Lepas tuh, bole la study kot.. ade plak kot..haha. Kena study la kan.. hehe!

On Thursday

1) Presentation
  • I have a group presentation on a subject called "Accounting Theory". The presentation was okay just need to add a few examples in the report. But then, that's not the thing. First, dah la salah turn. Patut group lain punya turn, but we confidently walked to the front of that lecture hall and I'm the want who opened the slide and everything. Pastu, lecturer tu cakap "Wasn't it supposed to be the group that present Risk Reporting?" Haish.. malu la plak! Nak buat pe lagi, gelak jela..haha

2) Snow Ice Cream. Live Band.
  • After dinner, I went to this place called Where Else Delights. If you wondering, this place kat Cyberjaya area Prima Avenue. Ala, dekat Padi and Old Town tu. Kat sini, like normal dining place. But I love the atmosphere. And it has this delicious ice cream called Snow Ice Cream which is actually ais yang dikisar halus sangat & this comes with 6 flavors; peanut, strawberry, milk, green tea, coffee, mango. So far, I've tasted 3 flavors. I like mango and strawberry. But kalau ade chocolate kan best!!! Hehe

  • Then around 10 minutes lepak situ, tibe2 aku dengar mcm orang strumming guitar. Then, I noticed there are amplifiers. Tapi, buat tak tau je pon. Asyik la makan ice cream..haha! Later on, there are 2 people sang songs, acoustic version. I heard almost 10 songs. Well, dapat dengar free pun. So, sape2 yang memang tahu, I just want to know is this live band thing is a regular thing on Thursday night?? hehe ;)
  • Behind the blue lighting was the place which the live band performed. By the way, this is the place.

1) Secondhand Serenade Song - overplayed

2) I'm not feeling really well. So, gotta go people.. nak tido.. Zzzzz ;)

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