Just My Luck That Today is My Accident Day

January 21, 2011

My January is ruined. The first time in my whole entire years of driving, today would be the day I had an accident. With a white Saga drove my a foreigner. The accident happened just a few kilometers away before I reached MMU. And yes, I was on my way to campus from Klang.

A few minutes before accident:

I was driving normally. No speeding and what so ever since I thought.. "Dah nak sampai pun, plus bukan highway nak bawak laju2, jalan Cyber ni 2 lane je". Then I checked the rear view mirror, I noticed a very fast white Saga, I think it's speed was over 140km/h tried to overtake a BMW, but that happened on the fast lane. I was in the other lane. Silently I said, "Bodoh tol la bawak laju2, jalan bukan besa pun".

The moment:

Then the car moved very fast between its lane and my lane. Macam kat tengah2 tak tahu kete tu nak gi mane. I cannot avoid that car since the last lane there are cars...and then crashed. It hit my car. Even though I'm wearing the seat belt but still terhentak gak kat stereng. And my chest and hand do hurt and still hurting. Imagine if I don't put on my seat belt at that time? Hish.

Surprisingly, the car which hit me didn't stop. The driver just keep on speeding. But I managed to get it's plat number. Well, it already been hit and run case. Dah la ko foreigner. Ngok tol.

It's just my luck, I noticed the car from my rear view mirror. And it's just my luck, I don't get hurt that bad.

As a driver, I already be very careful enough. And I'm from Klang which the place itself is full of heavy traffic and crazy drivers, so this make me more experienced in driving. But still, if something want to happen, it will. See, no matter how be careful you are on the road, there will be some maniac who don't care about others' life.

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