How Do You Study? I Mean How You Really Do It.

January 24, 2011

Current mode: Study week

Hello people! Sorry been missing lots of updates. I'm busy with the revisions and stuffs. Ni pun saje update sebab dah penat tengok notes (tengok je, x baca pun..haha).

So, last night this question came into my head. How do u study? Yeah, it is simple, most people said study la, gi la bace buku and notes or whatever which are related to studying. But what I mean is that, how do u really study and how u make sure what u've studied stick forever (tak la forever kan, but long enough until your exam is over) in your pretty little head? Hurm.. now how how how? Haha!

My style:

#1 I don't like messy table or room.
The first thing, I will tidied up my room and that includes my table. Korang mesti cakap, nak study baru nak kemas, pela budak ni. So what, bilik aku ape?!! haha,. joking2. Well, everyday I'll tidied my bed and sweep the floors. That's it. But this tidying up before study is, clean the wardrobe, lap sume habuk2 tuh, gi basuh baju, and mop the floors. Lastly, spray the room with scented air mist. Then, only I'll be satisfied and can study.

Attention: This is not my room. Just a dream room which I really want! or something similar..hehe

#2 Follow the rule of no junk food on the table
Yes, of course, mase study memang perut bunyi2 kan. Haha! But, if korang makan twisties, potato chips whatsoever, then u'll lose focus. First, tangan korang dah kotor, dah x best nak pegang pen. Then gi la basuh, dah jalan2 plak. Pastu, rase kenyang, relaks jap tekan2 browser Google chrome, mula la gi klik2 kat facebook or blog. Kan? Well, that's just from my experienced. Hehe!

#3 Study with lights on.
I tried to use the study lamp to study. But only lasted about 20 or 30 mins. Seriously, I'll feel my eyes are getting heavy. Sebelum tu, elok je la pun study kalau pasang lampu bese tuh. I don't know why, maybe the brain is tuned to feel sleepy when there are less lights? Maybe.

please don't follow what's in picture. u'll fall asleep within 10 mins! haha

#4 Study with laptop off
Haha! This one, u know what I mean. Kalau laptop on, tangan akan gatal nak login kat facebook la, update blog la (cam skang ni)Hehe! Gi tengok pe jadi kat tumblr la, tengok video kat you tube ke kan. Tak pun, tengok movie yang ade dalam external hard disks yang dah lebih 30G tu. Look, so many reasons that I need to turn off my laptop =)

#5 Put healthy snack/mints/hot drink on your table
To silent the sound of your stomach and to replace the craving for junk food. My healthy snack would be the breakfast bar or fruits. Either one will do it. Good for health, good for brain!

#6 Sleep if feel very sleepy
For me, no point in forcing yourself if your brain already in the "shut down" mode. Tak masuk pun kalau study gak. So might as well, tido jap 1 jam, bangun and mandi. Then continue. I always did that. And still, alhamdulillah, I managed to finish up everything.

But there are always two advices I'll keep in my mind:

  • Sleep early on the exam week.
  • Study early to avoid panic attack! :)

With that,
Good luck MMU-ians for your finals!

p/s: Not to show off. Just pre-post before exam hits. I read this as a reminder that the final exam is just around the corner. Later people! =)

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