Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eating Fresh Bleeding Heart! Now, Where Can U Get One?

Cepat2 sape nak tahu kat mane boleh beli jantung yang sedap ni. Make sure you read until the end.

Ok, just enjoy the photos first:

Looking fresh with all the blood covering the heart. Fresh from operation room!

Okay, close-up. Well, u can see more clearly. The blood vessels and all. Tak ingat dah la part2 jantung, ingat aorta je. Haha!

Serving time! Nampak macam vampire je! Tahu la sedap makan raw mcm tuh, tapi comot je. Euww! hehe



If you guys believe that this is actually a real heart
coming from the operation room..
I must say



It is actually a cake design for Valentine's Day. I guess to make a difference from the normal gifts they wanted to give their partners. To be specific, it is a red velvet sponge cake with cream cheese frosting. For the blood, it used cherry and blackcurrant syrup. Well, the ingredients make me drooling. Tengah lapa kan petang2 macam ni. Kat sini takde lagi kot orang buat cake ni.

The question:
are you willing to eat?

Source: Click here

p/s: Nak buat la pastu bagi kat awak. Nak makan tak syg? Hehehe


amal miau said...

make one :p

Aiza Aidid said...

suh2 buat ni, mnt ke nak makan? hahaha

hot hot heat said...

bole je nk mkn tuka kaler la kn...hahahha

Aiza Aidid said...

ala.. mkn la gak kaler ori..hehe..kaler biru nk tak mr hot? hahaha :)

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...


Aiza Aidid said...

miss lolly: ahahaha.. tu la kan!