Beach Garbage Hotel, Spain.

January 26, 2011

Will you exchange your nice booked room in this kind of hotel,

or a nice comfy room where u can lay around all day long like this ,




The Beach Garbage Hotel

Location: Central Madrid's Callao Square, Spain
Creator: H.A Shult, a German sculptor.

Beach Garbage Hotel

Beach Garbage Hotel

It was built using 12 tonnes garbage. And all these garbages were found on the beaches of France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain. Oh, it has 5 double bedrooms which currently are fully booked. It started operating 0n 19th January.

This hotel is built because the ocean is the largest dumping place - The creator.

I came across this hotel when I was reading the newspaper this morning. So, anyone who read Kosmo probably knew. I guess. But still I like to post..hehe!

I think this hotel is to show the amount of garbage that people throw into the sea. Now, see, with that amount it can built a hotel. That's not included the other oceans around the world. Well, that's not including ocean's in Malaysia which the amount of rubbish is.... Right?Indirectly, it is to increase the awareness of public regarding the rubbish they throw away every day.

This hotel is a target place for environmentalist. And now had become one of the tourists attraction in Spain. So, anyone? =)

Ok, now sneak peak into the rooms,

Beach Garbage Hotel

Beach Garbage Hotel

Still interested? I will answer that silently :)

p/s: Why are these people in the pictures look like freak?

Image: Uncle Google!

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