And When It Rains.

January 03, 2011

Well, it's not about the Paramore's song.Haha! Just annoying habits that I happened to came across every time I drive during the rain.

1) Please don't use the hazard lights.
One thing I seriously don't understand why. You should turn on that lights when your car poses danger to others. Ni tengok, kete ko jalan je jugak cam bese. Bole speed lagi dalam banyak2 air tuh! It's confusing to other drivers. For me, it looks like your car is stopping. Heavy rain confused almost everyone's sights.

2) Don't tailgating
The most common habit of Malaysian drivers. Tak paham aku nape tah. Are you crazy? The road is slippery enough when you are driving at a normal speed. You might never see what in front of you that might be crossing or maybe there's a big hole in front of the car you're tailgating that caused it to brake suddenly. Hah see??? But somehow, people don't think about any risk :/

3) Turn on your lights.
Tak ruginye bateri kete pasang lampu jap sementara hujan lebat. I don't understand why people do what they're not supposed to do, instead of doing the thing they are supposed to do. (sorry, ayat macam confuse siket..hehe) When it is raining, we might not see what's behind us especially if your car is dark colours. What if you switched lane and suddenly there is a car actually right behind u on next lane?? well, crashed into each other and caused massive traffic jam. Dah menyusahkan orang lain.

Optional: Wear your sunglasses. It'll improve your vision. So, tak payah nak gelak sangat kalau tengok orang drive time hujan pakai spek hitam. Nak gelak time orang pakai spek hitam dalam shopping mall takpe. (ni aku je selalu gelakkan..panas ke hape tah dalam tuh..hihi)

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