Monday, January 31, 2011

[Terkini] Krisis Di Mesir Keadaan Sebenar Pelajar Malaysia @NajibRazak

Bila baca balik rentetan kejadian yang berlaku di Mesir sekarang ni, aku rasa sangat kesian kepada pelajar di sana. Aku faham sangat situasi mereka dan aku rasa apa yang mereka alami sekarang berpuluh kali lebih teruk dengan keadaan di Moscow. Aku juga teringat kepada segelintir pembaca blog.ariff yang juga merupakan pelajar kursus perubatan di Mesir dan juga kawan-kawan seangkatan di MAI ni yang kebetulan menghabiskan masa cuti musim sejuk di sana. Harap mereka semua ni dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia di sana selama.

Inilah nasib pelajar kita yang belajar di luar negara kalau ditempatkan di negara kelas kedua atau ketiga. Aku rasa satu hari nanti kerajaan patut menghentikan daripada menghantar pelajar ke negara-negara yang bermasalah dan hanya menempatkan pelajar di negara maju sahaja. Sebentar tadi aku baru dapat mesej melalui Facebook daripada seorang pelajar Malaysia yang menuntut di Egypt berkenaan keadaan pelajar di sana dan aku rasa mesej ini perlu disampaikan kepada semua supaya kita tahu yang sepatutnya kerajaan kita perlu secepat mungkin menghantar bantuan dan mengeluarkan rakyat kita dari sana.

Salam Ariff, saya Nadia, a student in Egypt.

Ariff, kini saya berada di Malaysia kerana pulang untuk winter break, but when I got home, the condition in Egypt somehow got worse about the Hosni Mubarak thingy. Ramai yang sangka keadaan kat sana adalah okay, mengikut kata Jabatan Penuntut Kaherah Mesir dan Kedutaan Malaysia di sana, but there are parts that they don’t know:

Di tempat saya Mansoura, people got killed on the streets, houses are getting robbed and they are aiming to attack Malaysian students. There are about 6000 prisoners on the streets! Pelajar kita di Alexandria dirogol, airport dibakar dan anggota polis tidak lagi menjalankan tugas mereka.

Kita memohon supaya kerajaan Malaysia memandang serius hal ini. Bukan sahaja di Mansoura, malah di seluruh Mesir keselamatan rakyat kita terancam.

Segala update berkenaan keadaan di sana boleh dibaca melalui blog Krisis Mesir, Nasib Pelajar Kita

Jika ada cadangan di luar sana untuk membantu kami mendapatkan perhatian kerajaan Malaysia, sila hubungi Nurul Nadia Binti Md Zin di 017-3193923

Atau melalui:
Facebook: Nuvul Nadiva Dizavch
Twitter: DyyaDizarch
Blog: Nadia-ism

Please let all Malaysians know about this. I will do the same but I need your help too especially to all the bloggers out there. May Allah save our citizens there.

- Nadia

So what can you do now?

  1. Kalau ada Twitter, retweet this. Aku sengaja mention @NajibRazak dalam tajuk entri supaya everytime orang retweet, akan automatically mention nama dia. Click the retweet button. Lagi banyak, lagi bagus. It show’s that things are really serious there and we care.
  2. Reblog this. Copy paste dan post dalam blog. Time ni memang aku galakkan sangat-sangat untuk korang copy paste.
  3. Share this on Facebook.
taken from:

To my best friend, who is at Mansoura right now, I can only pray that u'll be safe. The same goes to my friend who is at Alexandria.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eating Fresh Bleeding Heart! Now, Where Can U Get One?

Cepat2 sape nak tahu kat mane boleh beli jantung yang sedap ni. Make sure you read until the end.

Ok, just enjoy the photos first:

Looking fresh with all the blood covering the heart. Fresh from operation room!

Okay, close-up. Well, u can see more clearly. The blood vessels and all. Tak ingat dah la part2 jantung, ingat aorta je. Haha!

Serving time! Nampak macam vampire je! Tahu la sedap makan raw mcm tuh, tapi comot je. Euww! hehe



If you guys believe that this is actually a real heart
coming from the operation room..
I must say



It is actually a cake design for Valentine's Day. I guess to make a difference from the normal gifts they wanted to give their partners. To be specific, it is a red velvet sponge cake with cream cheese frosting. For the blood, it used cherry and blackcurrant syrup. Well, the ingredients make me drooling. Tengah lapa kan petang2 macam ni. Kat sini takde lagi kot orang buat cake ni.

The question:
are you willing to eat?

Source: Click here

p/s: Nak buat la pastu bagi kat awak. Nak makan tak syg? Hehehe

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beach Garbage Hotel, Spain.

Will you exchange your nice booked room in this kind of hotel,

or a nice comfy room where u can lay around all day long like this ,




The Beach Garbage Hotel

Location: Central Madrid's Callao Square, Spain
Creator: H.A Shult, a German sculptor.

Beach Garbage Hotel

Beach Garbage Hotel

It was built using 12 tonnes garbage. And all these garbages were found on the beaches of France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain. Oh, it has 5 double bedrooms which currently are fully booked. It started operating 0n 19th January.

This hotel is built because the ocean is the largest dumping place - The creator.

I came across this hotel when I was reading the newspaper this morning. So, anyone who read Kosmo probably knew. I guess. But still I like to post..hehe!

I think this hotel is to show the amount of garbage that people throw into the sea. Now, see, with that amount it can built a hotel. That's not included the other oceans around the world. Well, that's not including ocean's in Malaysia which the amount of rubbish is.... Right?Indirectly, it is to increase the awareness of public regarding the rubbish they throw away every day.

This hotel is a target place for environmentalist. And now had become one of the tourists attraction in Spain. So, anyone? =)

Ok, now sneak peak into the rooms,

Beach Garbage Hotel

Beach Garbage Hotel

Still interested? I will answer that silently :)

p/s: Why are these people in the pictures look like freak?

Image: Uncle Google!

Monday, January 24, 2011

How Do You Study? I Mean How You Really Do It.

Current mode: Study week

Hello people! Sorry been missing lots of updates. I'm busy with the revisions and stuffs. Ni pun saje update sebab dah penat tengok notes (tengok je, x baca pun..haha).

So, last night this question came into my head. How do u study? Yeah, it is simple, most people said study la, gi la bace buku and notes or whatever which are related to studying. But what I mean is that, how do u really study and how u make sure what u've studied stick forever (tak la forever kan, but long enough until your exam is over) in your pretty little head? Hurm.. now how how how? Haha!

My style:

#1 I don't like messy table or room.
The first thing, I will tidied up my room and that includes my table. Korang mesti cakap, nak study baru nak kemas, pela budak ni. So what, bilik aku ape?!! haha,. joking2. Well, everyday I'll tidied my bed and sweep the floors. That's it. But this tidying up before study is, clean the wardrobe, lap sume habuk2 tuh, gi basuh baju, and mop the floors. Lastly, spray the room with scented air mist. Then, only I'll be satisfied and can study.

Attention: This is not my room. Just a dream room which I really want! or something similar..hehe

#2 Follow the rule of no junk food on the table
Yes, of course, mase study memang perut bunyi2 kan. Haha! But, if korang makan twisties, potato chips whatsoever, then u'll lose focus. First, tangan korang dah kotor, dah x best nak pegang pen. Then gi la basuh, dah jalan2 plak. Pastu, rase kenyang, relaks jap tekan2 browser Google chrome, mula la gi klik2 kat facebook or blog. Kan? Well, that's just from my experienced. Hehe!

#3 Study with lights on.
I tried to use the study lamp to study. But only lasted about 20 or 30 mins. Seriously, I'll feel my eyes are getting heavy. Sebelum tu, elok je la pun study kalau pasang lampu bese tuh. I don't know why, maybe the brain is tuned to feel sleepy when there are less lights? Maybe.

please don't follow what's in picture. u'll fall asleep within 10 mins! haha

#4 Study with laptop off
Haha! This one, u know what I mean. Kalau laptop on, tangan akan gatal nak login kat facebook la, update blog la (cam skang ni)Hehe! Gi tengok pe jadi kat tumblr la, tengok video kat you tube ke kan. Tak pun, tengok movie yang ade dalam external hard disks yang dah lebih 30G tu. Look, so many reasons that I need to turn off my laptop =)

#5 Put healthy snack/mints/hot drink on your table
To silent the sound of your stomach and to replace the craving for junk food. My healthy snack would be the breakfast bar or fruits. Either one will do it. Good for health, good for brain!

#6 Sleep if feel very sleepy
For me, no point in forcing yourself if your brain already in the "shut down" mode. Tak masuk pun kalau study gak. So might as well, tido jap 1 jam, bangun and mandi. Then continue. I always did that. And still, alhamdulillah, I managed to finish up everything.

But there are always two advices I'll keep in my mind:

  • Sleep early on the exam week.
  • Study early to avoid panic attack! :)

With that,
Good luck MMU-ians for your finals!

p/s: Not to show off. Just pre-post before exam hits. I read this as a reminder that the final exam is just around the corner. Later people! =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just My Luck That Today is My Accident Day

My January is ruined. The first time in my whole entire years of driving, today would be the day I had an accident. With a white Saga drove my a foreigner. The accident happened just a few kilometers away before I reached MMU. And yes, I was on my way to campus from Klang.

A few minutes before accident:

I was driving normally. No speeding and what so ever since I thought.. "Dah nak sampai pun, plus bukan highway nak bawak laju2, jalan Cyber ni 2 lane je". Then I checked the rear view mirror, I noticed a very fast white Saga, I think it's speed was over 140km/h tried to overtake a BMW, but that happened on the fast lane. I was in the other lane. Silently I said, "Bodoh tol la bawak laju2, jalan bukan besa pun".

The moment:

Then the car moved very fast between its lane and my lane. Macam kat tengah2 tak tahu kete tu nak gi mane. I cannot avoid that car since the last lane there are cars...and then crashed. It hit my car. Even though I'm wearing the seat belt but still terhentak gak kat stereng. And my chest and hand do hurt and still hurting. Imagine if I don't put on my seat belt at that time? Hish.

Surprisingly, the car which hit me didn't stop. The driver just keep on speeding. But I managed to get it's plat number. Well, it already been hit and run case. Dah la ko foreigner. Ngok tol.

It's just my luck, I noticed the car from my rear view mirror. And it's just my luck, I don't get hurt that bad.

As a driver, I already be very careful enough. And I'm from Klang which the place itself is full of heavy traffic and crazy drivers, so this make me more experienced in driving. But still, if something want to happen, it will. See, no matter how be careful you are on the road, there will be some maniac who don't care about others' life.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miscellaneous #1

When the weekend comes, then only you'll see more updates from me. But, not that many. Don't worry, I won't be spamming your dashboard ;)

Currently, it is towards the end of semester, so less classes but also less time to do all the assignments and studying at the same time. But, I only left with two assignments, so hopefully by next week I'll be done with them. Lepas tuh, bole la study kot.. ade plak kot..haha. Kena study la kan.. hehe!

On Thursday

1) Presentation
  • I have a group presentation on a subject called "Accounting Theory". The presentation was okay just need to add a few examples in the report. But then, that's not the thing. First, dah la salah turn. Patut group lain punya turn, but we confidently walked to the front of that lecture hall and I'm the want who opened the slide and everything. Pastu, lecturer tu cakap "Wasn't it supposed to be the group that present Risk Reporting?" Haish.. malu la plak! Nak buat pe lagi, gelak jela..haha

2) Snow Ice Cream. Live Band.
  • After dinner, I went to this place called Where Else Delights. If you wondering, this place kat Cyberjaya area Prima Avenue. Ala, dekat Padi and Old Town tu. Kat sini, like normal dining place. But I love the atmosphere. And it has this delicious ice cream called Snow Ice Cream which is actually ais yang dikisar halus sangat & this comes with 6 flavors; peanut, strawberry, milk, green tea, coffee, mango. So far, I've tasted 3 flavors. I like mango and strawberry. But kalau ade chocolate kan best!!! Hehe

  • Then around 10 minutes lepak situ, tibe2 aku dengar mcm orang strumming guitar. Then, I noticed there are amplifiers. Tapi, buat tak tau je pon. Asyik la makan ice cream..haha! Later on, there are 2 people sang songs, acoustic version. I heard almost 10 songs. Well, dapat dengar free pun. So, sape2 yang memang tahu, I just want to know is this live band thing is a regular thing on Thursday night?? hehe ;)
  • Behind the blue lighting was the place which the live band performed. By the way, this is the place.

1) Secondhand Serenade Song - overplayed

2) I'm not feeling really well. So, gotta go people.. nak tido.. Zzzzz ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Simple Things

(via leilockheart, leilockheart)

3 stages of love:
1) Falling in love - The most easiest part but hard to get out of it.
2) Falling out of love - To accept the negative things your partner do.
3) True love - After 3 years and you never give up and really committed to each other.

Question : How much u love me?

And more than that actually =)

p/s: Sorry about lots of pictures with lacking words. This is pre-sleep post. So ignore me.. Teehee~ ;D

Sources : Tumblr of course! haha

Sunday, January 09, 2011

So What If Facebook Is Closing Down?


Only an hour ago, I've read about this. Read here. Well, the same thing goes on twitter, I guess up till now, this 'issue' had become the one of trending topics. Well, maybe it's true and maybe it's just a rumor.

But as my title said, SO WHAT IF IS TRUE?

Well, facebook of course get you connected with others but somehow it have negative sides too. The most negative effect is it has broken up many relationships and marriages. I guess it depends on how u guys are using it =)

Ala, takde facebook pun takpe kan. Bukan mati pon. Plus, banyak lagi benda korang boleh buat. Instead of facing your desktop/laptop screen for hours, you might then be facing much worthy things such as studying. Ni for student la kan. For employees, takde dah nak curi2 mase maen facebook time keje. Kan senang camtu, haha!

Then, the underage people (budak skola la kan) takde la nak gedik2 ade facebook. Ni tak, umo 11 or 12 tahun, relationship status dah "In a relationship with....". Aku tengok memang nak gelak la kan. Seriously speaking, when I was at that age, tak penah terlintas nak ade boyfriend. Yes maybe, aku tak perasan cantik cam budak2 skang. I don't know what to say, but there's a difference back then. Ops, out of topic already ;)

Personally, ade facebook ok je, but if it's closing down, then no effect for me. I still have my blog, which I love more!! So, if yang takde, then only baru aku akan marah..Hehe ;D

p/s: If it's true then, friendster or MS would be back in trend I guess ;p

Friday, January 07, 2011

My Newest Crush!

I've been eying you since October last year. But, I think I can make you mine this year. Well, hopefully, I have enough money so we can be together ;)

Well people, I'm talking about my future




Haha! Yes, handphone la! SE Vivaz Pro. Takkan la orang plak kan. I already have the love of my life ;) What are u guys thinking? Ish2.. ;p

I'm actually planning to buy this phone using my own money this time. Yes, usually I've got secondhand phone if my dad doesn't want his anymore. Yeah, I know pity me! Haha. But, I actually have got brand new phone too, during my 21st birthday. Hihi!

But this year, I'll be doing my intern, so the allowance quite okay, plus I've already saved up a portion of my duit belanja to buy this phone. See, how bad I want this. So, anyone who is kind-hearted enough to give this free for me? Hahaha! But seriously, I think I can get this, but right now I need few excuses to get a brand new phone.

1) Say that my current phone already bored me. Well, almost 2 years kan.. hehe
2) I'm using my own money, so.... no one can stop me! muahahaha *evil laugh*
3) My current phone don't have facebook/twitter application. Eh, seriously! This is not an excuse! haha

Hah! That's enough "reasons" for me to buy a new one. Please don't ask me why not Iphone or Blackberry please. I'm not into those since dah ramai sangat pakai, using those now feels like copy cat. *alasan tak cukup dwet sebenarnye..hihi*

The white seems more tempting! But we'll see ;)

Oh, bila nak start intern ni! Hahahahaaaa!

image: Google

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011 Movies List

Hey sleepyheads! Korang mesti ngantok kan, petang2 time hujan ni. Don't lie! Haha ;)

Last year I made the list of those movies I want to watch. You can click in the archive > January posts. But, I know, no one would do that. Haha! Most of the movies I managed to watch. And surprisingly, I went to the cinemas quite frequent. Well, not all the months actually, but somehow, for some months my visits to the cinemas shooting up! There is a factor for that ;p

So, this year, I nak tengok (ish.. aku tak suka betol, gune I kalau type dalam BM..haha):-

1) Season of The Witch

2) No Strings Attached

3) Waiting for Forever
4) Just Go with It

5) Eagle - sebab ade Channing Tatum.. bole x sebab tu je? haha!

6) Red Riding Hood - must watch since Rapunzel I didn't get the chance to watch :(

7) Fast & Furious 5

8) Pirates of Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

9) Kung Fu Panda 2 :))))))))))))))))

10) Something borrowed

11) Transformers 3
12) Harry Potter 8

Bulan puasa and movie pun tak best! haha
The same thing, macam takde yang best pun. Hurm!

13) Three Musketeers

14) Breaking Dawn - u know the last part of Twilight Saga where Bella would... (gi la baca buku dulu kalau nak tau..) ;p

15) Alvin & the Chipmunks 3 - ahahah.. cute Theodore ;))

16) Butter - sebab ade Jennifer Garner! ;)

Ok dah, tak bole tengok banyak2, student mane ade dwet. Hahaha!


Images: Google.

Monday, January 03, 2011

And When It Rains.

Well, it's not about the Paramore's song.Haha! Just annoying habits that I happened to came across every time I drive during the rain.

1) Please don't use the hazard lights.
One thing I seriously don't understand why. You should turn on that lights when your car poses danger to others. Ni tengok, kete ko jalan je jugak cam bese. Bole speed lagi dalam banyak2 air tuh! It's confusing to other drivers. For me, it looks like your car is stopping. Heavy rain confused almost everyone's sights.

2) Don't tailgating
The most common habit of Malaysian drivers. Tak paham aku nape tah. Are you crazy? The road is slippery enough when you are driving at a normal speed. You might never see what in front of you that might be crossing or maybe there's a big hole in front of the car you're tailgating that caused it to brake suddenly. Hah see??? But somehow, people don't think about any risk :/

3) Turn on your lights.
Tak ruginye bateri kete pasang lampu jap sementara hujan lebat. I don't understand why people do what they're not supposed to do, instead of doing the thing they are supposed to do. (sorry, ayat macam confuse siket..hehe) When it is raining, we might not see what's behind us especially if your car is dark colours. What if you switched lane and suddenly there is a car actually right behind u on next lane?? well, crashed into each other and caused massive traffic jam. Dah menyusahkan orang lain.

Optional: Wear your sunglasses. It'll improve your vision. So, tak payah nak gelak sangat kalau tengok orang drive time hujan pakai spek hitam. Nak gelak time orang pakai spek hitam dalam shopping mall takpe. (ni aku je selalu gelakkan..panas ke hape tah dalam tuh..hihi)

Image: Google

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Most Relax Day

Hello awesome people! haha ;)

So, how's your new year? I mean how u spent it. IF you want to read a boring update, the u may stay and read. Otherwise, click the 'X' on the top right side. Wanna stay? Well, I did warned you.

I spent the day by waking up around 830 am, then sleep again until 10 am. Woke up by the sound of text message received ;) Pastu golek2 lagi atas katil sebab malas nak mandi. Eleh, macam korang terus bangun mandi kan..hahaha! Suddenly I remembered that I haven't done my laundry for the week yet. So, dengan rajin pegi lah basuh.. gune mesin je pun! Then my dad called asking me to get ready to go for breakfast. Almost 12 only then I eat. Yelah yelah, bukan breakfast dah la kan :D

During the noon, I reorganized my wardrobe. Once in a while I will do that, just to sort which shirts/jeans/shoes/bags that I don't really wear anymore. Then, donate to people which needed those more. But usually the shoes and bags would be taken by my youngest sister first. Haih, budak tu! What she did is that she came near me, asking this "nak lagi tak kasut/bag tu?" and sambil buat muka kesian. Nak tak nak, I will say this, "yela2 amek la kan". Hehe!

So, then I do a little bit of my assignments. Alhamdullillah, it's getting less =))

Just now, I had dinner. At HOME! Yes, I rarely eat at home. So, once in a while, if I got the chance, I seriously eat a lot! Hehe. Supposedly, I edit a few more assignments. But, as u know, my stomach is full now. the eyes are getting heavy.

Before I fall asleep, Happy New Year to you. May all the goodness and happiness granted to all my readers! ;)

Ok dah, nak tido! ;D