Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Movies in 3 Days!

3 days, 2 movies.
Different places, different time.
All with the same person ;)

Since I've got early holidays last week, I went back to Klang as early as I can. (only a few know the reason why..haha). First, on Thursday, I watched Meet The Parents: Little Fockers. Sampai je Alamanda, banyak plak jumpe classmates.. sibuk la korang ni..haha ;D

The first plan is to watch Gulliver's Travel. I even booked the tickets but due to unforeseeable reason..hehe, the plan changed. But then, overall, this movie is not a waste of RM16! Click here, if you don't believe. That movie I'm not sure whether it suits the kids, but adults like me would not have problems understanding it.

Then yesterday, I watched Gulliver's Travel at Sunway Pyramid. Well, finally! Hehe ;) It's hilarious and of course kids would want to watch it. I always like any movies by Jack Black..haha.

Personally, I like Little Fockers better. It's just because the movie made me laugh more. Hehe. But seriously, both are not a waste of money. Trust me, I have seen unworthy movies before. And Harry Potter almost made into the list. Haha.

Why, only on December there are a lot of good and best movies?? ;)

Ok people, I have assignments to do. Later!

p/s: To you, thanks. You always made my days <3

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JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Yet to watch Gulliver's Travels.. :)

amal miau said...

ecece asyik korang je pegi dating! bile pulak kite nak pegi dating gak ni XDDDDD

Aiza Aidid said...

jemsen: u definitely should! hehe

Aiza Aidid said...

ala amal, bkn sll dpt jmp..hahaha
elele, jd x gi dating tu amal?? hehe

amal miau said...

tah, kite pon taktau haha!

Aiza Aidid said...

jgn la frust.. kne jd lg sneaky! ahaha ;D

hot hot heat said...

hahaha..beh amal cite2 la dating amal..kah3

Aiza Aidid said...

amal dah gi dating la awk.. da pndi skng..hahaha

hot hot heat said...

la yeke..diam2 je die ek..hehe