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December 22, 2010

Almost one week without new entry. Sorry guys. I've been busy with my studies and internship stuff. Finally, all done. Now, can focus on my assignments. Not the happiest thing to do of course. Sape plak yang suke buat assignment? Haha.

I'm free from Thursday until Monday next week. Ngehehe! All the classes been cancelled without any reason. Tipu la kan mcm tu. Mostly, my classes have been replaced so that the students can go back early to their hometown. It's Christmas right this weekend. So, most people already in holiday mood, I guess ;)

Ok, so thanks to those who came dropping by here regardless you're my friends, followers, silent readers or even my stalkers, thank you!! I'm not able to blogwalking to your blogs at this moment. I'll do that once everything is settled. And with this I expect the number of visitors will drop. Never mind that, I have a few things which currently more important.

And most probably no new entry until New Year. But we'll see about that.
With this, it's official I'll be on hiatus.

Take care people! Enjoy your holidays for those celebrating X'mas and to those who got free holidays like me =))

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