If You're In My Class, Don't Do These

December 16, 2010

Warning: This post may offended you. If so just discontinue your reading. Thanks.

Through out my years as a student, I found so many annoying habits my classmates did. Yes, it annoyed me much until I can't concentrate. Well, these are among the most annoying habits in my list.

1) Being "speaker" on behalf of the lecturers.
To put it in a simple way, you're try to be the lecturer. Every sentences of what you heard from the lecturer, you would repeat over and over again. It's okay, if your voice is low, but what annoyed me much is that you're trying to tell the whole class! Well, one lecturer is enough, I think. We don't need extra. (if u know what I mean, hihi..)

2) Attention seeker
Well, whatever u do, your intention is only to get others' attention. You brag about what you good at, you're being exaggerative and etc. For me, people like this don't have much, so by being attention seeker, they feel appreciated. Please stop. You just embarrassing yourself =)

3) Smokers
If you're a smoker, just don't sit right next to me. Your breath does stinks. Seriously, I can't stand cigarettes smokes, make me feel dizzy. And of course aku rasa nak muntah. Lagi-lagi kalau hisap jenis rokok murah. Sumpah bau busuk giler okay!

4) Yang Tak Berapa Pandai, Tapi Konon Pandai
The way he/she talks as if they're the smart ones. Cakap tak nak kalah, ego je kalau ada orang lain nak bagi idea or nak betulkan apa yang dia dah salah cakap. We are all students. A lot of things we still don't know. Trust me, orang pandai lagi banyak diam daripada bercakap benda-benda yang belum tentu betul.

So, try not to be within the categories. So you and I can both learn something from the class. Otherwise, you'll be on my annoyed people list. Oh yes! I do have that list.
So, sape nak tau name korang ade ke tak kena belanja la! (joking2) ;)

Not list la, just like if when I came across this person around campus, then I would say to myself, menyampah betol la budak nih! sambil rolling my eyes..Haha!

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