Hello December

December 01, 2010

One is the Oreo Vanilla. Another one is Chocolate Fudge.
Both are delicious. But as a chocolate lover, u know which one I would prefer ;p
Well, I bought them at Tuesday market at Streetmall Cyber. But I prefer the Friday market. I'll post something about that later. Hehe.

Oh, hello December. Time do fly fast? Yes, indeed. 8 more weeks before the finals strike. Err.. I don't want to think about it now. My November had its ups and downs. One of the worst things also happened last month. So, please, be better. Oh, I want to watch Narnia. And Rapunzel pun tak dapat tengok lagi :(

2 more days before mid semester break. 4 more days before the family vacation.
Yes, I do need my getaway. This semester, it's stressful. Final year symptoms I guess. Haha!

And I can't wait to see you. Yes YOU, love ;)

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