Family Vacation - Part 2

December 08, 2010

This is the continuation of yesterday's post. But today, there'll be quite a number of pictures. Well, to spare you from headache, reading too much of my words. Hehe ;)

So, here you go... all sort of pictures from the waterpark, themepark, the karaoke place! Yeah, I combined some of the pictures.. banyak sangat kot nak upload satu-satu..haha!

Okay, now let's talk about the good things of that place:

1) The waterpark
Ok, in the waterpark, cash tak laku ek. They all use E-value instead of cash there. It's like you reload certain value and then when u want to buy something, they will scan bar code at your wristband and the value will be deducted. Overall, it is okay la compared to some other waterpark I went before. The entrance rate is RM 20+ for adult and RM 14+ for kids above 90 cm. Other price for float, life jacket, cabana, and food are different eh ;)

2) Food
The dinner buffet is best! Lots of choices and sedap. But the breakfast is ok je. Tak banyak sangat choice. Ok, now the price rate for additional person. Like my family only got 4 coupons to eat the buffet for free. So, have to buy another 2. For dinner buffet adult is RM 43+ per person and for breakfast is RM 20+ per person. All prices include tax and service charges.

3) The themepark
It's just a mini themepark with quite a number of games. And there are also another separate arcade. So, just choose which one you like more, the indoor or outdoor! Hehe. I played at both places by the way. Hahaha.

Overall, that place is okay except for it's management. So, if you want to come to this place, you just have to bear with it's check-in process. Other than that, I'll guess you'll be enjoying your vacation. And do bring extra cash! ;p

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