The Chronicles of Narnia:The Voyage of The dawn Treader

December 04, 2010

Yes, the first movie I watched in 3D! Seriously, tak tipu. Jakun jap bila dapat spec tuh.. Haha! Before this always want to watch in 3D but then changed my mind.

Ok2, about the movie, can I say it is way better than Harry Potter 7?? Hehe. Sorry, die hard fans of HP, but it's just my personal opinion ;) Well, I am comparing quite similar movies. Both are based on novels, both are about magic and all. Plus, about defeating evil. So, yeah, I said it is better because there are a lots of action going on in the movie. And, I do not felt asleep!

But one thing, girls if u expect the character of Peter to be the main one, don't get your hope high. But but but, there is always the Prince Caspian and Edmund. Hahaha! I think Edmund is cuter then his brother Peter. But, Lucy not that cute anymore compared when she's little ;)

Overall, it's about trying to collect all seven swords of seven Lords to defeat evil. Along the way, they all face a lot of temptation. And, of course their ways to avoid being trap by their temptation. Well, I cannot say more, go watch for yourself!

Phew.. that's just worth RM 19 ticket! Hahaha =)

Oh, I'll be away for my family vacation tomorrow until Tuesday. I'll visit u guys later eh? Thanks people =)

More updates after I see my laptop. Hehehe!

Image: credit to Google.

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