Au Revoir 2010

December 31, 2010


January - Nothing much happened. Just the usual setting up new resolutions. Achieved or not??We'll see about that later! Hehe.

February - Oh, the first date of the year. Not the very first but yg first utk 2010. haha! Oh, until now, The Wolfman, we watched at that time, remains the most incomprehensibly. Tak tahu nape, tapi memang tak paham. Before that, Valentines Day.. makes my family miserable. Every where couples had booked the good place to eat. Haih~

March - The Earthhour which everyone try to take parts in this and post their pictures in the dark on facebook??? His birthday, the card which I wrote... hahaha. (not gonna tell here!) :)
Some unsatisfied bloggers.. related about English blogs. Whatever loser. ptfff~

April - Towards the end of semester. I'm busy with stressful subjects. We started to date more since he was here for his intern :)

May - Us turned 3 years. And there's already something on my finger that made my family kept asking. Haha! Mother's day with cute pink and white cupcakes!

June - Dad's birthday. We end up bought him a giant ashtray. I think he used it for a place to keep his coins now. At least it is something useful. And lots of dates.

July - Ah.. he's back to his campus :( And the normal routines of busyness begin. Both started sem already.

August - Dad's Masters convocation at UKM. Starting of Ramadhan. And shopping with family towards the end of the month. And date with my best friend.

September - Meet him again for buka puasa at Boston. But I'm struggling with my finals which would be after Raya. So, not that much to enjoy.

October - Raya. Final exams. Semester break. Mom's birthday. BBQ at roommate's house and got a chance to meet with one of my friends which had graduated. Oh, and I turned 22.

November - Well, lots of dates too this month. With the girlfriends from matrix days. And also of course with Mr Boyfriend. ;) And Harry Potter 7! Haha. And the internship stuff gives me headache.

December - The favorite month of the year. Holiday season. Lots of dates since he's back here ;) Klang-Sunway Pyramid-Alamanda. And lots of movies and shopping. Oh, thanks to you, love ;)
I don't have any mood for study. Haha. But, PWC offer for internship however remind me that I'm in the semester, not semester break. Hihi!

Well, good bye 2010 with all the bad memories left behind. Only good ones would be brought forward to next year.

Oh, hello awesome 2011!! Hopefully ;)


p/s: Oh, The Tourist would be the last movie for the year. Korang tak payah tengok, tak best! Haha.

p/s/s: Most of my resolutions, is achieved. And I'm moving towards my dream. My life isn't perfect but what I have now made me feel like a happy princess. That's what I'm grateful for.

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