Alhamdullillah. I Just Need One More Good News, Please.

December 10, 2010

Yesterday morning

I had lunch with my dad at the usual place. Then I received a phone call.

Me: Hello.
Me: Hello hello. (haha)
Ade plak music lagu hape entah...

Then, I checked the number.. 032173xxxx. Must be office number, probably area KL, I said silently. Tapi sebab malas, biar lah, nanti orang tu call la lagi kot. (jangan ikut ek perangai mcm ni..hehe)

But, I was right! That person did called back after 5 minutes ;) This time, I went outside the place to make sure there is a good line there. Hurm, one more time nothing on the other end. At this point rasa macam nak menyumpah la kan. Maxis ni cam tut tut la.. haha. Tapi, cakap dalam hati jela pun.. hihi.

I only able to talk to the person when she (yes, that person is a female) called for the third time.

Me: Hello.
She: I'm.... from... May I speak to Puteri Nadhirah? It's regarding the internship placement.
Me: Yes, speaking. (excited!) But, still maintain my tone to be calm.
She: I just need to check a few things. What your current CGPA?
Me: It's 3.XX (sorry, tak nak btaw korang, haha!)
She: So, u did your MUET and what you do after your SPM?
Me: Yes, I did MUET and got Band 4. After SPM, I went to Kolej Matrikulasi N9 for my matriculation.
She: Oh, I just want to make sure everything tally with what u include in your resume. So, we would like to offer you an internship. Would you like to join us?
Me : Yes, I would love to. Thanks!! (mase ni rasa dia bole dengar kot tone excited tuh! Haha)
She: Ok then, I would send the offer letter to your address and thank you! We look forward to see you!

So, semalam tunggu email takde apa2 lagi. Then, biar jela. Biasa la kot company macam ni lambat sikit, ramai mintak kan.

Then pagi ni check.. eh dah ade la..


Yes, the internship offer is from PricewaterhouseCoopers. One of the Big 4, sape taknak kan. Alhamdullillah.
Happy ada, nervous ada, takut pun ye gak ;)

I just need to hear one more good news. Please please please.

p/s: Kalau kawan sakit perlu ke komen yang very insensitive? Aku menyampah betol orang macam ni. Nasib hari Jumaat, kalau tak memang aku dah sound sume tadi. Even korang kawan boyfriend aku. Kawan ape mcm tuh!

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