Friday, December 31, 2010

Au Revoir 2010


January - Nothing much happened. Just the usual setting up new resolutions. Achieved or not??We'll see about that later! Hehe.

February - Oh, the first date of the year. Not the very first but yg first utk 2010. haha! Oh, until now, The Wolfman, we watched at that time, remains the most incomprehensibly. Tak tahu nape, tapi memang tak paham. Before that, Valentines Day.. makes my family miserable. Every where couples had booked the good place to eat. Haih~

March - The Earthhour which everyone try to take parts in this and post their pictures in the dark on facebook??? His birthday, the card which I wrote... hahaha. (not gonna tell here!) :)
Some unsatisfied bloggers.. related about English blogs. Whatever loser. ptfff~

April - Towards the end of semester. I'm busy with stressful subjects. We started to date more since he was here for his intern :)

May - Us turned 3 years. And there's already something on my finger that made my family kept asking. Haha! Mother's day with cute pink and white cupcakes!

June - Dad's birthday. We end up bought him a giant ashtray. I think he used it for a place to keep his coins now. At least it is something useful. And lots of dates.

July - Ah.. he's back to his campus :( And the normal routines of busyness begin. Both started sem already.

August - Dad's Masters convocation at UKM. Starting of Ramadhan. And shopping with family towards the end of the month. And date with my best friend.

September - Meet him again for buka puasa at Boston. But I'm struggling with my finals which would be after Raya. So, not that much to enjoy.

October - Raya. Final exams. Semester break. Mom's birthday. BBQ at roommate's house and got a chance to meet with one of my friends which had graduated. Oh, and I turned 22.

November - Well, lots of dates too this month. With the girlfriends from matrix days. And also of course with Mr Boyfriend. ;) And Harry Potter 7! Haha. And the internship stuff gives me headache.

December - The favorite month of the year. Holiday season. Lots of dates since he's back here ;) Klang-Sunway Pyramid-Alamanda. And lots of movies and shopping. Oh, thanks to you, love ;)
I don't have any mood for study. Haha. But, PWC offer for internship however remind me that I'm in the semester, not semester break. Hihi!

Well, good bye 2010 with all the bad memories left behind. Only good ones would be brought forward to next year.

Oh, hello awesome 2011!! Hopefully ;)


p/s: Oh, The Tourist would be the last movie for the year. Korang tak payah tengok, tak best! Haha.

p/s/s: Most of my resolutions, is achieved. And I'm moving towards my dream. My life isn't perfect but what I have now made me feel like a happy princess. That's what I'm grateful for.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Movies in 3 Days!

3 days, 2 movies.
Different places, different time.
All with the same person ;)

Since I've got early holidays last week, I went back to Klang as early as I can. (only a few know the reason why..haha). First, on Thursday, I watched Meet The Parents: Little Fockers. Sampai je Alamanda, banyak plak jumpe classmates.. sibuk la korang ni..haha ;D

The first plan is to watch Gulliver's Travel. I even booked the tickets but due to unforeseeable reason..hehe, the plan changed. But then, overall, this movie is not a waste of RM16! Click here, if you don't believe. That movie I'm not sure whether it suits the kids, but adults like me would not have problems understanding it.

Then yesterday, I watched Gulliver's Travel at Sunway Pyramid. Well, finally! Hehe ;) It's hilarious and of course kids would want to watch it. I always like any movies by Jack Black..haha.

Personally, I like Little Fockers better. It's just because the movie made me laugh more. Hehe. But seriously, both are not a waste of money. Trust me, I have seen unworthy movies before. And Harry Potter almost made into the list. Haha.

Why, only on December there are a lot of good and best movies?? ;)

Ok people, I have assignments to do. Later!

p/s: To you, thanks. You always made my days <3

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Official Status

Almost one week without new entry. Sorry guys. I've been busy with my studies and internship stuff. Finally, all done. Now, can focus on my assignments. Not the happiest thing to do of course. Sape plak yang suke buat assignment? Haha.

I'm free from Thursday until Monday next week. Ngehehe! All the classes been cancelled without any reason. Tipu la kan mcm tu. Mostly, my classes have been replaced so that the students can go back early to their hometown. It's Christmas right this weekend. So, most people already in holiday mood, I guess ;)

Ok, so thanks to those who came dropping by here regardless you're my friends, followers, silent readers or even my stalkers, thank you!! I'm not able to blogwalking to your blogs at this moment. I'll do that once everything is settled. And with this I expect the number of visitors will drop. Never mind that, I have a few things which currently more important.

And most probably no new entry until New Year. But we'll see about that.
With this, it's official I'll be on hiatus.

Take care people! Enjoy your holidays for those celebrating X'mas and to those who got free holidays like me =))

Thursday, December 16, 2010

If You're In My Class, Don't Do These

Warning: This post may offended you. If so just discontinue your reading. Thanks.

Through out my years as a student, I found so many annoying habits my classmates did. Yes, it annoyed me much until I can't concentrate. Well, these are among the most annoying habits in my list.

1) Being "speaker" on behalf of the lecturers.
To put it in a simple way, you're try to be the lecturer. Every sentences of what you heard from the lecturer, you would repeat over and over again. It's okay, if your voice is low, but what annoyed me much is that you're trying to tell the whole class! Well, one lecturer is enough, I think. We don't need extra. (if u know what I mean, hihi..)

2) Attention seeker
Well, whatever u do, your intention is only to get others' attention. You brag about what you good at, you're being exaggerative and etc. For me, people like this don't have much, so by being attention seeker, they feel appreciated. Please stop. You just embarrassing yourself =)

3) Smokers
If you're a smoker, just don't sit right next to me. Your breath does stinks. Seriously, I can't stand cigarettes smokes, make me feel dizzy. And of course aku rasa nak muntah. Lagi-lagi kalau hisap jenis rokok murah. Sumpah bau busuk giler okay!

4) Yang Tak Berapa Pandai, Tapi Konon Pandai
The way he/she talks as if they're the smart ones. Cakap tak nak kalah, ego je kalau ada orang lain nak bagi idea or nak betulkan apa yang dia dah salah cakap. We are all students. A lot of things we still don't know. Trust me, orang pandai lagi banyak diam daripada bercakap benda-benda yang belum tentu betul.

So, try not to be within the categories. So you and I can both learn something from the class. Otherwise, you'll be on my annoyed people list. Oh yes! I do have that list.
So, sape nak tau name korang ade ke tak kena belanja la! (joking2) ;)

Not list la, just like if when I came across this person around campus, then I would say to myself, menyampah betol la budak nih! sambil rolling my eyes..Haha!

Monday, December 13, 2010

And Yes, I'm Lucky!

People say first love is everything. Nothing can be compared to your first love. Your first love seemed perfect. But, what people don't tell you, all these would be BEFORE you met your true love. Then everything would suddenly be different. Now, all would be true, sweet, perfect. First love is nothing compared to your true love.

Yes, I'm very lucky to find mine at last =)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Alhamdullillah. I Just Need One More Good News, Please.

Yesterday morning

I had lunch with my dad at the usual place. Then I received a phone call.

Me: Hello.
Me: Hello hello. (haha)
Ade plak music lagu hape entah...

Then, I checked the number.. 032173xxxx. Must be office number, probably area KL, I said silently. Tapi sebab malas, biar lah, nanti orang tu call la lagi kot. (jangan ikut ek perangai mcm ni..hehe)

But, I was right! That person did called back after 5 minutes ;) This time, I went outside the place to make sure there is a good line there. Hurm, one more time nothing on the other end. At this point rasa macam nak menyumpah la kan. Maxis ni cam tut tut la.. haha. Tapi, cakap dalam hati jela pun.. hihi.

I only able to talk to the person when she (yes, that person is a female) called for the third time.

Me: Hello.
She: I'm.... from... May I speak to Puteri Nadhirah? It's regarding the internship placement.
Me: Yes, speaking. (excited!) But, still maintain my tone to be calm.
She: I just need to check a few things. What your current CGPA?
Me: It's 3.XX (sorry, tak nak btaw korang, haha!)
She: So, u did your MUET and what you do after your SPM?
Me: Yes, I did MUET and got Band 4. After SPM, I went to Kolej Matrikulasi N9 for my matriculation.
She: Oh, I just want to make sure everything tally with what u include in your resume. So, we would like to offer you an internship. Would you like to join us?
Me : Yes, I would love to. Thanks!! (mase ni rasa dia bole dengar kot tone excited tuh! Haha)
She: Ok then, I would send the offer letter to your address and thank you! We look forward to see you!

So, semalam tunggu email takde apa2 lagi. Then, biar jela. Biasa la kot company macam ni lambat sikit, ramai mintak kan.

Then pagi ni check.. eh dah ade la..


Yes, the internship offer is from PricewaterhouseCoopers. One of the Big 4, sape taknak kan. Alhamdullillah.
Happy ada, nervous ada, takut pun ye gak ;)

I just need to hear one more good news. Please please please.

p/s: Kalau kawan sakit perlu ke komen yang very insensitive? Aku menyampah betol orang macam ni. Nasib hari Jumaat, kalau tak memang aku dah sound sume tadi. Even korang kawan boyfriend aku. Kawan ape mcm tuh!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Three Things

3 things in life when gone, never come back
Time, Word, Opportunity

3 things in life that should never be lost
Peace, Hope, Honesty.

3 things in life which are most valuable
Love, Faith, Prayer.

3 things in life which are never certain
Dream, Success, Fortune.

3 things in life that make a person
Hard work, Sincerity, Commitment.

3 things in life that can destroy a person
Lust, Pride, Anger.

p/s: Hoping everything would be okay. Get well soon. IMY, love :(

p/s/s: Another big decision need to be make. One thing for sure, one door closed, a lot others open up ;) Alhamdullillah~

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Family Vacation - Part 2

This is the continuation of yesterday's post. But today, there'll be quite a number of pictures. Well, to spare you from headache, reading too much of my words. Hehe ;)

So, here you go... all sort of pictures from the waterpark, themepark, the karaoke place! Yeah, I combined some of the pictures.. banyak sangat kot nak upload satu-satu..haha!

Okay, now let's talk about the good things of that place:

1) The waterpark
Ok, in the waterpark, cash tak laku ek. They all use E-value instead of cash there. It's like you reload certain value and then when u want to buy something, they will scan bar code at your wristband and the value will be deducted. Overall, it is okay la compared to some other waterpark I went before. The entrance rate is RM 20+ for adult and RM 14+ for kids above 90 cm. Other price for float, life jacket, cabana, and food are different eh ;)

2) Food
The dinner buffet is best! Lots of choices and sedap. But the breakfast is ok je. Tak banyak sangat choice. Ok, now the price rate for additional person. Like my family only got 4 coupons to eat the buffet for free. So, have to buy another 2. For dinner buffet adult is RM 43+ per person and for breakfast is RM 20+ per person. All prices include tax and service charges.

3) The themepark
It's just a mini themepark with quite a number of games. And there are also another separate arcade. So, just choose which one you like more, the indoor or outdoor! Hehe. I played at both places by the way. Hahaha.

Overall, that place is okay except for it's management. So, if you want to come to this place, you just have to bear with it's check-in process. Other than that, I'll guess you'll be enjoying your vacation. And do bring extra cash! ;p

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Family Vacation - Part 1

Hi guys! Sorry for no updating, no blogwalking etc for these 3 days. I was on vacation with my family. Hehe! The place? It's Bkt Gambang Resort City. Ok, there are a lot of things I want to comment.

1) Resort management
Frankly speaking, the management sucks. You have to take number and wait for your turn for quite a long time. There are about 9 counters but only, 2 was used at that time. And there are about hundreds over people waiting to check in. My family waited for about 1.5 hours. Come on, it's a long drive to go there! I went to many other exclusive resorts, none had treated me that way. So, probably, it would be the first and last time to go there.

2) Room service & facilities
This one too sucks! My mum ordered an extra bed during check-in time but the mattress turned up at our apartment's doorstep at 11pm. Wth??!! Well, the phone in the room is broken too. Plus, when I called the room services number, they put my call on hold. I don't know for how long. Why do u need to treat your customers that way?

Well, my family not the only one who complaint. A lot of others did too.

Nevertheless, there are also some good points that need to be given to them. I'll be updating about that on Part 2. My eyes felt really heavy right now. Hehe!

So, stay tune! ;)

Oh, yeah.. one more thing, if any of u have been there, do share your experience regarding these above matter. Thanks! ;)

And tomorrow, there'll be a lot of pictures and less talk! Hehe.

p/s: Please get well soon. I'm worried :(

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia:The Voyage of The dawn Treader

Yes, the first movie I watched in 3D! Seriously, tak tipu. Jakun jap bila dapat spec tuh.. Haha! Before this always want to watch in 3D but then changed my mind.

Ok2, about the movie, can I say it is way better than Harry Potter 7?? Hehe. Sorry, die hard fans of HP, but it's just my personal opinion ;) Well, I am comparing quite similar movies. Both are based on novels, both are about magic and all. Plus, about defeating evil. So, yeah, I said it is better because there are a lots of action going on in the movie. And, I do not felt asleep!

But one thing, girls if u expect the character of Peter to be the main one, don't get your hope high. But but but, there is always the Prince Caspian and Edmund. Hahaha! I think Edmund is cuter then his brother Peter. But, Lucy not that cute anymore compared when she's little ;)

Overall, it's about trying to collect all seven swords of seven Lords to defeat evil. Along the way, they all face a lot of temptation. And, of course their ways to avoid being trap by their temptation. Well, I cannot say more, go watch for yourself!

Phew.. that's just worth RM 19 ticket! Hahaha =)

Oh, I'll be away for my family vacation tomorrow until Tuesday. I'll visit u guys later eh? Thanks people =)

More updates after I see my laptop. Hehehe!

Image: credit to Google.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hello December

One is the Oreo Vanilla. Another one is Chocolate Fudge.
Both are delicious. But as a chocolate lover, u know which one I would prefer ;p
Well, I bought them at Tuesday market at Streetmall Cyber. But I prefer the Friday market. I'll post something about that later. Hehe.

Oh, hello December. Time do fly fast? Yes, indeed. 8 more weeks before the finals strike. Err.. I don't want to think about it now. My November had its ups and downs. One of the worst things also happened last month. So, please, be better. Oh, I want to watch Narnia. And Rapunzel pun tak dapat tengok lagi :(

2 more days before mid semester break. 4 more days before the family vacation.
Yes, I do need my getaway. This semester, it's stressful. Final year symptoms I guess. Haha!

And I can't wait to see you. Yes YOU, love ;)