Saturday Fever

November 27, 2010

I supposed to be studying for quiz and mid terms. But, yesterday, I suddenly not feeling well. High fever and headache. Sampai nak gi wat blood test konon..mengada je lebih..haha. But seriously, dah penah kena denggi dulu, maybe that's why, I felt extra cautious.

I guess during the weekday I ate a lot of ice cream. Mocha with ice cream, snow milk ice cream and the rest. By the way, lately I usually go out and eat at Pappa Rich Cyber. Well, sometimes hostel food dah boring. So, change of taste, I guess ;p

Time weekdays kalau datang sini, memang takde orang pun. Kosong je kan tuh! Nak sembang ngan kawan pun tak payah nak jerit-jerit. Ahaha! But, I once came during Friday night, this place was really packed. As far as I know, Cyberjaya not that many people ;)

This two is one of the best combination. Sedap je! Well, actually, I already ate dinner at that time. So, I went there to accompany my roommate and I treated myself for supper. So, here it is, the Mocha iced with ice cream & roti bakar susu. And when I reached my room, my eyes already felt heavy. Hehe!

Now, zoom at the drink which caused me my sore throat...

And yup, a combination with this, the next day...

This one is called Snow Ice Milk. And as u can see, above it there are a lot of chocolate chips. For those who lived in Cyber, u can have this at this one shop near at Old Town and Padi Cyber. Sorry sangat, lupa pulak nama kedai tu. hehe!

And now, time for rest. Nite people =)

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