The right way to eat Cheesy pizza!

November 02, 2010

Before I went back to Cyber yesterday, I promised my sister that I'll treat her with the new pizza. You know, the 6 types-of-cheese-pizza.
So we went to eat that thing. Haha ;D

Well, since we went there with empty stomach, we end up order that pizza with chicken mushroom topping, which u need to add RM2 for this and also a plate of platter. Lapa la kan dah tengah hari ;)

Yeay! The pizza arrived!! That's not the exact words but the same meaning said by my sister. I just ordered the regular one because it's only 2 of us at that time.

And now, it's time to dig in....

Ah!! The cheese! I like cheese like a lot.. so this one would be in my favorite list. hehe!

Poke that cheese with the fork and ready to eat it!!
I don't know at this time how many slices are left.

And this is the expression of my sister... I don't know. Either she cried because there is no more pizza since I ate few slices or maybe she just shy in front of the camera. I doubt the latter one. Haha!

See, I don't have that much friends. I prefer hanging out with my sisters. But, I have date with my girlfriends from matrix this Saturday.!!And that, I am really looking forward to see them.

Another story, currently I'm busy applying for my internship placement at audit firms. I've got a few response and we'll see how it goes from here. Hopefully, everything will be fine =)

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