November 30, 2010

A: She's pretty!
B: No! That's just make ups.

A: She's smart!
B: Well, she's just lucky during exams.

A: She's nice.
B: No lah. Buat2 je tuh!

3 independent stories. One point. Jealously.

People. Kalau tak dengki tak boleh. Kalau tak mengata tak boleh.
Do it ever crossed your mind, some people work really hard to chase their dreams?
People don't get lucky every day. It's called hardworking and efforts.
Some people are just happy because all their efforts started to pay off.

Well, who doesn't?

Stop acting jealous of what other people have.
Start focusing on what u're good at.
Then u know u're as good as others =)

p/s: Random post. Too much 'noises' make me uncomfortable.

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