List of Most Expensive Universities Around the world

November 15, 2010

Hi guys! So I've been silent for a few days and the last post is a bitter one, sorry about that. But now, I'm happy so let's check this thing out.

The original post is a bit unorganized, so I just convert the currency into MYR. The original is in USD. Well, let's start the list with the least expensive universities across the world, shall we?

12) Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Mexico

Location: South America/ Mexico
It is a private universities in Mexico founded in 1943 by local businessmen.
Fees: RM 35182.59 annually

11) Aoyama Gakuin University
Location: Tokyo, Japan
A private university founded by Methodist Episcopal missionaries in 1874.
Fees: RM 36720.45 - RM 50529.85 annually

10) University of Buckingham

Location: England, UK
The only private university in the country!
Fees: RM 47689.51 annually

9) American University of Sharjah

Location: UAE
All courses are in English but there are still Arab culture ;)
Fees: RM 52632.65 annually

8) Quest University Canada

Location: British Columbia, Canada
An hour north of Vancouver and only been opened in 2007.
Fees: RM 73503.67 annually

7) Bond University

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Private but non-profit university, opened in 1989.
Fees: RM 103256.65 annually

6) American University of Paris
Location: Continental Europe
Fees: RM 108984.41 annually

And now comes the top 5 most expensive university in the world

5) Sarah Lawrence College

Location: New York, US
About 75% of its undergraduates are women!
Fees: RM 119545.47 annually

4) Vassar College

Location: New York, US
Previously, it's all-girls college, but now it's a co-ed.
Fees: RM119623.93 annually

3) Bucknell University

Location: Lewisburg, Pa, US
It suggested its students to budget about $50K on books, room and boards per year!
Fees: RM 119683.56 annually

2) Kenyon College

Location: Ohio, US
It is a liberal arts school founded in 1824 - the oldest private college/uni in Ohio
Fees: RM 119702.39 annually

And the number 1 spot goes to....

1) George Washington University

Location: Washington DC
Fees: RM 123154.74 annually

Erm.. expensive right and all top 5 spots are in the US. No wonder the students there eagerly grabbed any scholarships opportunities.

And I'm lucky that even I'm in MMU which is private, the fees does not reached the amount above! Well, I'm comparing apple to apple right? But still, it's in Malaysia =)

Till next post, take care guys! ;)

Source: Google and Yahoo Education.

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